Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Demos, Leagues and Tournaments

Good Tuesday everyone!

First things first, I spoke with Leisure Games on Saturday and they are very eager to get the ball rolling, to the extent they have even put it up on their website for 30th June.

This is amazing! I was genuinely expecting them to have higher demands going forward but so far their concerns seem less about me taking up floor space, and more concerns of me sitting around with nothing to do (I really hope that doesn't happen).

Next up, let's talk leagues. It's something that I've never really arranged before, and after reading a few guide/suggestions, I'm really eager to give it a go. Just need to convert the info I have to make it relevant.

You see I've been reading up on Achievement Leagues, where you get points for playing games as per usual, but extra points if it's a fully painted crew, that sort of thing.

I just need to get the locals to sign on to it.

Ok Tournaments.

There's currently talk of two. The first is a friendly Malifaux day at the Titan's club with prizes for interesting activity, currently this is scheduled for 29th July. However I am still looking for activity award ideas, please if you can think of anything, let me know. Otherwise it'll have to be 1st place etc and I want to avoid that.

There is also talk of an inter club tournament, one which pits club teams against club teams. This is still in its infancy for ideas but it should be fun.

I'll keep you all posted with how this planning goes.

I've also been busy the past few days painting up my Ortega family, and I think Perdita may be one of my best painted yet:

I have also started work on my Nephilim, I am hoping to have these done by the weekend.

Oh and those of you who have me on Facebook/Twitter should have already seen this, but on Saturday I played a game vs my sparring partner, and had a great laugh Levi vs Dreamer.

Here is the moment when Killjoy popped up, killed The Dreamer and released my Nightmare bomb:

I know I've been saying this a lot, but I love this shot, the 2x Nightmares attacking Killjoy, the little Daydream waddling away from the carnage, the lighting in the alleyway behind and how crisp and clear the Cardstock terrain came out! I love it!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley


  1. Update:

    Based on a suggestion, we will be keeping positional trophies, and at the very least these will be in the form of Ratty's awesome certificates! And depending on how I can wrangle entrance fees, gift certificates or similar.

    However we will be retaining the alternative awards as well. Currently I still have Most Impressive Red Joker and Most Embarressing Black Joker.

    Please if you have any suggestions for alt awards I would gladly hear them.

  2. What about "tabled for the win."

    Given to the player who gets all his models taken off the table but still manages to win the game. In the event of multiple players doing so it goes to the highest vp difference win.