Friday, 8 June 2012

Upcoming Wyrd Info: A Doctor's Second Oppinion

Good day all!

By now I'm sure you're all aware of the Gamer's Lounge Podcast with Eric J of Wyrd: and it would be irresponsible of me not to wade in with my own thoughts of these announcements.

It would also be irresponsible of me to use no structure or frame while discussing this and just comment on what comes to mind, but I wouldn't be Doctor Loxley if I was entirely responsible!

So let's start at the first thing that enters my head:

Malifaux book 1.5
This is a reprinting of Book 1, only including updated stats for the book 1 models and the recent errata.

From my situation, I already own the manual and so I only want the main books for the fluff. Because Book 1 has been out of print for a while now I've never been able to pick up a copy, and it seemed pointless getting 2 or 3 when I don't have 1.

So for me this is a wonderful thing!

Next up: New Faction
So it's been announced that book 4 will be all about the new faction the Ten Thunders, as seen with the already existing models: The Ten Thunder Brothers for the Outcasts.

I'm unsure how this will work. Malifaux is an already well balanced game compared to some, and the introduction of a whole new faction (with what appears to me to be quite a limited theme - perhaps it should have been made into an Outcast Master, similar to Gremlins) I think this could throw things off.

Then we have the announcement of the new edition of Puppet Wars!

Now this is something I'm quite excited about. Because of the use of plastic sculpts they will be able to fill the new edition box with pretty much everything you need straight away and charge less for it.

Again for me this is good. I don't see Puppet Wars in the same vein as Malifaux. Yes it uses minis, but then so did HeroQuest. With this in mind I really don't have a problem with plastic minis.

But this leads us onto another thing. It was discussed that moving forward if they wanted to do another model similar to Nightmare Chompy, they would probably do so out of plastic. Again in this respect I don't really have a problem. I've never been a fan of NLCB's sculpt, and while I love the size of it, I find the actual quality of detail to be lacking, in addition it's recent retail price of $100.00 is crazy in my eyes. We're talking ~£70.00 for a single model! I can buy a whole crew for that price!

But I do have a possible problem if the cheaper alternative of plastic was rolled out as standard for their models.

I believe that in a game like Warhammer where you need entire squads of the same mini, the plastic option is the cheaper sensible choice, but for a game like Malifaux where having model duplicates is actually quite rare, then you might as well go the metal route, to a point of course (see above about Nightmare Chompy).

Of course there were further details about Terra Clix, and I'm sure they'll prove to be useful, but there was also mention of bumping up the type of Fate Decks available. Among them was mentioned a plastic deck, I'm unsure exactly what was meant by this, I'm imagining a deck the size of a coke can, with each card being the thickness of a GW bulkhead. If they meant Plastic laminate, well I thought they already had this?!?

So what do you think? Ten Thunders? Will that be any good? As someone without the core books I know very little about them, other than the Brother models don't appeal to me.

Book1.5? Good idea? Should they have just released a fluff book instead? Considering the rules and cards are available online.

Plastic Puppet Wars? Will the lower price tag finally encourage you to pick it up? Or will the plastic models feel wrong alongside the metal ones if you already own it?

And plastic models in general? Could it be the turning point for Wyrd? Could next year they be announcing 'Wyrd Finecast'?

And on that harrowing note I bid you all good night and good weekend.

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley


  1. Ohh this is all news to me I'd not seen that podcast yet.

    The ten thunders stuff will make more sense to you once you've read the fluff in the 3 books. Particularly book 3 has them build up a great story arc which sees them take a lead role so becoming a true faction is actually quite appealing to me. The fact they're all just minions kept me from ever investing in them.

    v1.5 vs fluff only book. I can see why becuase it's worth remembering the game is still quite small and the 1.5 book is actually quite a good intro book for new people getting into the game. Reading through that fluff the first time around really sucked me into the background and made me want to play.

    Plastic puppet wars might well result in me buying it, as metal I'd held off.

    Plastic/Resin models. Well they'd already done a few resin models (snowstorm, some avatars) so it's not a huge departure, happy to see it coming to be honest, As long as the resin isn't too fragile then I really like it as a medium to work with.

    Fate decks, huh, I'm with you on that, I use the puppet deck as it is, which is plasticised, so no idea where they're going with this.

    1. I actually love the puppet deck! Been using it recently for demos, partially because it's pretty but also because it feels really smooth and nice.

      I have been thinking, and the new deck announced, it might be the same as the current decks only with a different coloured backing to represent the new faction's colour.

      And I have to say I agree with you about the resin, it's a great medium to use and I can see the models being used to great effect, but it's the plastic that worries me. But as per Nix's comments and the main points made during the interview, it had to be seen first, and as I have yet to see it I can't make a judgement.

      I just don't want Wyrd cutting corners and going the way of GW, and I don't say that as a doom mongerer but as someone who loves Wyrd - I wouldn't have applied for henchman ship otherwise.

      Right time for Dexter! (need to stop rambling off on stuff)

  2. I will toss in a couple of my opinions if you don't mind. Keep in mind I am a rabid fan of Wyrd, as shows when I did the interview (I believe).

    Malifaux 1.5 - My understanding from Eric was its a combination of ALL the fluff through the last 3 books, plus the updated rules for models. I think this is a great idea if its as you understand, and even better if my understanding is correct!

    Plastic Models - Ok, so here is a bit of a leak, lets see if I get in trouble. I have already had a chance to look at the quality of the plastic PW models and they are amazing. As long as that level of quality and detail is carried over to Malifaux models, well just friggin wow. Also, unless the quality of the plastic has changed (which I hear has not happened), the plastic is closer to GW's hard grey plastic than the finecast crap that is on the market.

    10T - I have a lot of faith in Wyrd to blow our minds. They have a strong track record of doing things different, and then having it end up incredibly cool. My head is spinning as I try to imagine how the 10T book will play out.

    With all that said, thanks for reviewing the podcast! I am really happy you enjoyed it.

    1. Wow thanks for the comment.

      Don't get me wrong it was a great interview, and like you I love Wyrd.

      If book 1.5 was all three book's fluff then that is just amazing and a sure purchase from me.

      With 10T, my problem is I know very little about them. So technicals put aside, until I see more I have little to interest me as what I've seen so far doesn't interest me or even seem wide enough in content to fill its own faction. With this in mind I think Wyrd could certainly advertise the 10T more prior to Book 4's release, as I don't feel the faction from the initial onset will be quite so obvious what they're all about.

      And my issue with plastics is not their existence in general but the fact that to me there's something about a metal model. It's weight, it's feel and the ability to cast something much thinner than I believe is possible with plastic (there must be a reason I have never seen GW cast an accessory as thin and detained as the Belle's umbrellas).

      For larger models where it stops things reaching rediculpus prices (like I felt the recent reemergence of NLCB was) I can see it's place, but for normal 30mm I hope they stay with metal. It's what brought me out of my 11 year hiatus in the first place.

    2. Fair enough on the Metal v Plastic front, I can understand that. I certainly like my metal models as well.

      On 10T, I am certain that there will be more information coming out. There was at least one announcement last night that Eric could not make during the recording for a couple reasons. That announcement is going to be big, hopefully to be released in the very near near future. With it, there will certainly be more information about 10T coming out prior to Gencon.

    3. Great! Thanks for the reply.

      I just have one more question: so I can help increase foot traffic and awareness, how did you come across my post?

      Oh and I hope 10T have someone in their faction called The Phantom who calls upon "The Strength of Ten Thunders!" that reference would be bad ass!

    4. Got pointed toward your post by one of my local gamers (WRabbit). Now I have you subscribed under my blog feeds on blogger.

  3. Ohh, glad I came back to see if there were any responses on this one. Thanks for the further info Bill.

    Propoer full plastic for Wyrd piques my interest, will look forward to getting my hands on it. The medium might well suit malifaux better with the extra fragility of some parts being in metal makes them break an awful lot more easily and plastic might well allow for the joins to be a bit stronger, thinking things like the judges sword chain which once it's broken you'll never get it to fix back up again.