Monday, 27 August 2012

Focus Group

Good evening all!

The time is currently 20:00 on Bank Holiday Monday and I am currently trying to stave off the knowledge that I have to work tomorrow.

Well as mentioned prior, I was meeting some friends this weekend and I was going to be using them as a focus group for my Halloween tourney.

As a result of this, we are now at the following:

There will be three 'prizes' (I will try and arrange prize support, but it might have to end up being certificates, will need to see what I can wrangle).

Best Placing (for the highest TP earner)
Best Costume (voted from the other players)
Best Themed Mini (voted from the other players)

These will be exclusive, and wearing a costume will not award additional TPs.

Currently the first 2 Strats are as before: All Fun & Games, Monster Mash.

But now, At The Mountains of Malifaux has been replaced with Burning Man!

The rules for this strat are simple:

At the start of the encounter, using standard deployment, one side is determined as the Attacker, the other as the Defender.

At exactly 3/4 into the board from the attacker's side, place a 50mm Burning Man token. This represents someone the attackers want to rescue and the defenders want to defend.

This token has 6Wd and at the end of the turn it takes a non-negatable damage flip of 1/1/2

If the attacker can rescue the target before it dies, they earn 2VP, if the attacker fails, then the defender scores 2VP.

The only question left: Should it be a (1) Interact to release the captive, or should it be a (2) Interact?


- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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