Monday, 6 August 2012

Painkillers, Poor Sleep & Positive Flips

One hell of a weekend :)

Good Monday everyone!

I can't speak for each and every person out there, but for me it was crazy!

These are the weekends that legends are told of!

But first, let me take you a tiny bit further back...

So last time we spoke it was Monday of last week, I had a mock exam to take, a Weaver to paint, a friend visiting and a non-Tourny to help run. This is not including many other things along the way.

Well you will be pleased to know that the mock went well, and on the back of that today I should be doing mocks for my second module - scary! It will only be a few more weeks before I apply to take the exams for real - even more scary!

We also had some problems with the Moo and some R-Tard blowing smoke in her room. So that resulted in a very unhappy-sickly baby and two parents still awake at 1am trying to calm her back to sleep.

On the back of that I too came down with a little bit of sickness, unsure what exactly, it started on Wednesday, overnight turned into a fever with my sweat causing a change of sheets, and then an almost euphoric Thursday, followed by an ill feeling Friday again. Very curious.

Because of this I've been having an occasional Paracetemol & Ibuprofen cocktail to keep me going. It's not ideal, but I retain my wits, unlike codeine (which for those who don't know metabolises into morphine!)

Well on Wednesday despite feeling like death, I was sat at my computer making Wicked Doll stat cards so that if I needed any for the tournament I could use them.

Come Thursday and my euphoric healthy feelings, I made a start on the Weaver. So far she has only had base coats and washes applied:

More to do on her this week.

On Friday a friend of mine who was coming to the Tournament arrived and we had a pleasant evening, that was until we hit bed time, and the cats decided they didn't want to go downstairs with our friend and instead stayed with us, which involved jumping on top of us whenever we had gotten to sleep.

Next up was Saturday and the Tourny itself. I will write up a post for this itself shortly but it was very good fun!

There were some great players, some amazingly painted miniatures and even to those who had never played a full game before had a great time.

I think that is where I'll leave it, other than with this photo of what happens when your friend tries to make friends with your baby:

Take care, and I'll see you breachside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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