Sunday, 12 August 2012

And now follows a presentation from the Doctor Loxley Fair Game Foundation:

Good evening all!

Today I was asked a favour, something that rarely comes to my door.

The favour was to draw attention to a good cause.

I'd like to introduce a friend of mine who goes by the handle Underdog.

Now Underdog like so many young men like him want to buy stuff from GenCon, but being someone from the UK, he can't just up and leave for the US for a couple of days, instead he has to make use of the World Wide Web and order online.

But in order to do this Underdog needs funds and as such is now selling his own unopened supplies of GenCon2011 Limited Edition sculpts:

Nightmare Teddy

Dead Justice Boxset

Miss Demeanor the Convict Gunslinger

Now with the money he can make from these purchases he hopes to acquire the Dark Deeds box set, and in doing so give me a master to play against who isn't Levi or a Resser.

So please, if you must do a good deed this week, do one for me...

Seriously, I can't take playing against the same masters over and over! I want to scream and pull my eyes out! For the love of all that is holy, buy his stuff and give me a break from Hollow Waifs!


Anyway, and on that note I would like to leave you with this:

Give a man some Malifaux, and he will play for a day.
Buy a man's old supply of Malifaux, and you'll keep his opponents happy for a lifetime!

Please, have a heart, do the right thing :)

--this has been a presentation of the Doctor Loxley Fair Game Foundation, the views and opinions expressed in s broadcast are not his own, but instead suggested via the aid of a bug from Ceti Alpha V... KHAN!! KHAAAAN!--

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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