Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Working Title: At The Mountains Of Malifaux

Evening all, currently it's 23:20 and I've got some ideas that I just have to get onto paper.

So my Halloween themed not-a-Tourny has a working title, however I realised the strategy I came up with recently, the name of which was already used in Wyrd Chronicles V3.

Because of that I'm renaming it: "It's all fun and games..."

So that is looking to be the first game, where the focus is more about speed and/or board control.

Being completely honest, the second game, I am unsure where to go with it. I'm looking for a generic beat... And with that I have a name! "Monster Mash-Up!" not sure on the rules yet... Need to think of that one.

But the third and final game: "At the Mountains of Malifaux" (which i love so much, I may use for the day itself). This will have a single bit of destroy able terrain in the centre, a sort of Creepy Structure if you will (except I don't know the rules on those), one side has to destroy it, the other has to protect it, whichever succeeds gets 'X' VPs.

Any thoughts? Clearly these are still fledgeling ideas, but that's why I'm bringing it up now.

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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