Monday, 20 August 2012

Halloween In the city

Good afternoon everyone!

Firstly I'd like to thank those who dropped me comments about yesterday's basing ideas. I think your right, I'll need to see how much cross over there is between crews.

And now onto today's agenda:

During the first weekend I am looking to host a Mali Fun Day at the Titan's club.

The theme of this will be Halloween, with bonus points allocated if you come in fancy dress, and more points awarded if your crew has purpose-done Halloween theme to them (pumpkin heads, orange & black paint scheme, that sort of thing).

I am also looking to create some fun strategies to be played out to fall into the theme.

The first I've been thinking of is the introduction of one I've been planning for demos; the working title for this strat was Spray Tag, but I think Trick or Treat works just as well.

The aim is to have a set minimum of terrain bits, in each deployment each player has one bit each, and there are three more located near to the centre of the board.

Now the aim of the game is to 'tag' or 'egg' a terrain piece. This is done by moving into base contact with it and using 1 Action Point. This piece has now been egged by your crew.

At any point the opponent can also move into B2B contact with the terrain and also egg it, in doing so it then is tagged by them.

At the end of the game the side with the most tagged terrain wins (along the lines of "if you have 3 egged terrain, score 2 VP, if you have all 5 score 4" that sort of thing).

So firstly, what does everyone think of this strat? It's simple, similar to another strat already in play, and with hope should be fun.

Obviously I'll be looking to test play it between then and now.

But then comes the next question: Does anyone have any suggestions for other Halloween themed Strats?

Answers and address on the back of a postcard!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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