Sunday, 19 August 2012

Looking for idea feedback

Evening all!

So GenCon is over (or at least drawing to a close).

In a matter of hours Wyrd are going to start dispatching their orders and that means I am just a number of days away from receiving my order.

Now I have a dilemma. For those who don't know, the new crew I have purchased is under the Neverborn Master Jacob Lynch. The main box made up of Lynch himself, the monstrous beasty that is controlled/controls him, and three 'illuminated':

Then there are his ladies, the Beckoners who are used to entice men to Lynch's venue:

There are some others, but I'm getting them from my FLGS when they're released normally.

To help elaborate, Lynch runs a casino called The Honeypot, now I love the idea of this place, and would love to open a branch of The Honey Pot in New Fairbank.

For this reason I will be basing these models on balsa wood raised from the floor, with The Beconers on a porch type thing where the raised floor only covers about 70% of the base.

The question: do you think this will be a problem? I'll be combining my old west bases as are used by my Guild:

With a balsa wood theme more commonly seen with a Collete crew. Larger models such as the Darkness would be on a pure Western base, but with some selective additions like a falling down fence etc.

I think all of this works well for the crew themselves, add to that a Sarissa Precision building and the whole thing takes off.

The problem: They're Neverborn, and I've already committed to having Neverborn on Cobblestone bases as per my Nephilim:

And Nightmares:

So what does everyone think?

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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  1. Wait and read the cards. If there is very little crossover of models then individualised basing is going to work fine.

    Currently my neverborn are on 3 different base types.
    Zoraida - swamp
    Collodi - stage boards
    Dreamer - dark grey flock. Meant to represent fuzzy dream state where surroundings aren't clear. Most people just think not finished!
    Not sure where debts would fit into any of those themes, possibly stage boards but don't think the 2 crews have any real overlap. Definitely not swamp, but I have quite a lot of minions in that style so if they overlap with debts then would look really out of place. For this reason I've 2 sets of the twins in different schemes and basing.