Friday, 10 August 2012

Weaver Widow & Weekend Working

Good Friday everyone!

So the past 24 hours have been quite interesting.

For starters I finished the Weaver Widow:

Here she is unvarnished. I love this model, the prettiness of her dress, the petit and unspoken size of her folded fan and parasol, the little bob of hair with fascination at a slight angle, and then the creature herself, the toothy maw, the many eyes, and the arms, only slightly longer than normal, making them appear more 'unnerving' than anything else.

I'm glad they left her until towards the end.

Next up is the book 4 previews:

I've only looked in detail at the Neverborn; Mr Tannen (for full size please use the website's link)

For starters he is a Woe, which suggests the Honey Pot crew will also synergise with Pandora. And you will also notice that virtually all his abilities focus on debugging the opponent and their luck. - considering The Honey Pot is a casino, that is quite thematic.

However I think it needs to be said, just because Tannen is a Woe, doesn't necessarily mean the others are as well. I am still very eager to see how the Hungering Darkness and Illuminated work.

Ok, now onto tomorrow...

Firstly I have the misfortune of having to work. There's some facilities work that needs to be done out of hours in my office, so overtime for me.

Thankfully however I get to have Monday off.

Then once I am done there, my regular opponent will be popping over and I'll be playing him at a game of 'Faux.

Sadly however, after this weekend he'll be moving away and so our opportunities to play together will be much lower.

With that in mind, I'm looking to make this game a good one. He has yet to play vs Lilith, or the Widow or the Twins.

I am tempted by using the Widow for this game, I am determined to find a use for her beyond generating scrap counters for her to drop and be picked up by the enemy, and as my opponent should be playing either Levi or Ressers, then being able to pick up and deny them their own counters is always a good thing.

In theory, tying in Lilith's transposition should also work for helping her to move upfield faster.

The only question is what else to take? The Widow, plus the Twins is a grand total of 23 points! In a 30/35SS game, that's a large proportion taken right there.

Maybe twins, mature Neph and the rest made of tots would be a better idea... We'll see.

Anyway I think I've rambled on enough, take care and I'll see you all breachside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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