Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The Adventures of Geek Dad: Decisions & Ultimatums

Good evening all!

So I've had a few people asking me about my Henching decision, and where I'm going with it. And I have come to a decision.

Now this decision was not made lightly or flippantly, far from it. Instead lots of time has been spent agonising over what to do, and this evening the final conclusion was drawn.

You see, today I had to work late. I knew it would happen in advance, and so I made sure I caught a later train than normal, giving me a little bit of time (about 10 mins) to play with my daughter.

This got me thinking and wondering; I wonder what she will remember when she gets older? I doubt she will remember any of this, after all she is not even 1, but if things carry on in the current direction, I hope that she will have many fond memories of fun time spent with both parents.

You see, she has recently learned to crawl, and now that she can move from A to B under her own steam, she just wants to spend all day crawling.

Now things are starting to get tiring, more so I would say than when she was new born and I was sleep deprived.

Now during the weekend, I look forward to when she goes to sleep at 1900 for the night.

But this has got me thinking about my parenting, and if looking forward to 'quiet time' makes me a bad father.

Of course I am sure every father asks this about everything they do.

I don't think it makes me a bad father. I may not be winning any "#1 Dad" awards any time soon, but I'm sure it puts me squarely away from the 'bad' bracket.

But despite all of this, every day I look into her beautiful blue eyes, and I see a little miracle looking back at me, I know that every day is worth it, all the crying, the running after, the constant closing of doors to keep her from getting into the kitchen (and cat litter), everything.

And that is why I spent this morning with her. I had to get a later train, and pay for the underground (rather than walk for free) in order to do it, but I wanted to spend some quality time with her.

That is why I can't give up my henching!

Henching for me is so much fun! I love it as I get to share my hobby that I am so passionate about and get some official acknowledgement for it at the same time.

What sort of an example would I be setting if I gave up a pastime that I love so much?

The funny thing is, throughout all my blog posts I've been preaching about compromise and yet had forgotten to do so myself.

It's not all or nothing, it's a compromise between having fun every minute of every day and meeting your responsibilities head on.

It's me doing what I love, be it at the store spreading the fluff-love, or at home with my two favourite women in the while world.

So yes friends, Dr Loxley, the North London Henchman is here to stay.

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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