Tuesday, 24 September 2013

CRYPTS plans, The Malifaux 1.5 Initiative & Hell Dorado

Good Tuesday everyone!

I hope you are all in good health!

So last night I had a plan, first I was to create a present list for my wife so she knows what she can buy me for birthday and Xmas (both in December of course). This I had no problem with!

My next plan was to add more info into the CRYPTS QuickStart rules. This of course never happened.

It is with hope that I will be doing this tonight instead, and will be emailing the revised .pdf to my lovely beta testers.

- Again if you want to be in the CRYPTS beta test, just let me know your email and I'll forward the info to you!


Also, yesterday on the way home I was listening to the latest Malifools episode where I noticed a brief mention of my 1.5 Malufaux Initiative as mentioned in a recent post.

What was interesting was reaction that the few talking about it had, talking about what they think my aim is behind all of this.

I'm not able to reveal yet what the aim is fully at this point, but closing for the Initiative will be at the end of this week, when I edit the first post to include the details of everyone who is willing to play v1.5 (currently sat at 4 including myself).

Next week I'll be promoting the interest for an international 1.5 League, played out via the table top or Vassel, whichever is best for the players, and at the end of next week I'll be closing down the interest in that and announcing whether or not the league will be going ahead.

As an added note, if you place top in the league I will send you the grand prize in the form of the Warhamster Scheme & Strat deck!

- Massive props to Mr Awesome for donating these!


Going back to my present list, I realised that three bits of my list were models for CRYPTS:

First is the Hell Dorado Infernal Horde for my Lesser Demons.

Next up is the Hell Dorado Zaaxan for my Greater Demon

Last but not least, the Great Damned One of Wrath for The Butcher.

It occurred to me while writing this, as I hope to get some demons anyway then I should probably grab myself a Demon Force for the game, so I got started reading up on starter boxes:

I must say, while this would be an almost pure gaming purchase, it's one I think could be very fun as after downloading the QuickStart rules there are a lot of things I like.

It seems to be very similar to Malifaux in a way; areas of control, alternating activations, character cards and abilities that require constant referring back to in order to use properly!

In fact reading through these rules actually helps to answer a question I've had for CRYPTS, and that's how I deal with locking people into melee and stopping people using ranged weapons when locked in combat. These rules have given me the ideas needed!

The only problem as always is finding opponents, but no worries about that.

Anyway, that rather random posting is all from me today, other than a quick update on how my recent Wyrd models are coming:

And on that note, stay safe and I'll see you Cryptside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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  1. I played the first iteration of Hell Dorado many years ago, before the company went bust etc.

    It was a very enjoyable game then, and from what I hear the rules are pretty much the same still, so it should still be a good game.

    My only fear for it, is that it has fallen out of people's minds, and that fantasy/horror skirmish game genre has been taken up by a few things (mainly Malifaux), and so it would be hard to get a big following.

    Obviously that makes no difference if you're looking at just playing in your local area with a few mates, but personally I love tournaments and events!