Thursday, 19 September 2013

Maybe I'm Seeing Things Differently...

Good (Thursday? Is it Thursday today? Really? Awesome!) Good Thursday everyone!

Today I would like to talk to you about something I have observed within the Malifaux/Wyrd community.


So I've read some interesting comments recently regarding EricJ's blog: and it seems like quite a few members of the 'anti v2' crowd dislike his writing.

Now maybe this is because I'm not actually part of the 'anti' crowd, and come Wave 2 I can see myself picking up at least 1 crew - and depending on how my exam goes in early October, I'm hoping to pick up the v2 book! But my comments on this blog has put me squarely in a lot of people's eyes as a member of the 'anti' crowd.

But I can't help but disagree, i love reading his blog!

Don't get me wrong, back when he was calling people liars and stuff I was right there in the picket lines saying that it was wrong and we shouldn't stand for that. But ever since he has adjusted his writing style and now I really really enjoy it.

I feel like his previous 'ego' has gone from the posts, and been replaced with observations, that quite often are biased and unbalanced, but you have to remember we are talking about someone's blog.

Are my posts unbiased and 100% balanced? Of course not! And if I can't do it, why should I expect others to do the same?

So to the nay-sayers, my advice is to make a note of what your problems with it are, start your own blog, and after a few months go back and read your work, and I'm pretty sure you'll find you are just as guilty of that as he is.

- of course I am only talking about everything post 21st August. If you haven't read anything after this, then I suggest you go back and read more, it's very very different.


Anyway, I promised a more positive post, and I hope this delivers!

Enjoy, stay safe and I'll see you Cryptside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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