Monday, 16 September 2013

Podcast Prep and Base Building

Good Monday everyone!

So tonight me, @Duck21Andrey and @Guildmonkee are recording episode 03 of Hobby Sofa! Yup we have a guest appearance!

Got some interesting topics to discuss tonight, but I won't be sharing that with you just yet.


For those of you who missed it Episode 17 of New Fairbank Radio is available. You can grab that at either, via iTunes/RSS subscription or via the feed at the top of this blog (when viewed as a web page).

This week's episode is the first of 2 alpha playtests of CRYPTS from the bank holiday weekend. A lot of the rules get modded on the fly, and it's a totally Hinckley-Pickley episode, but I hope you enjoy it.

Next week up will go episode 2, and with hope you'll enjoy that too!


Last but not least, last night I finished building the bases for my GenCon order:

I don't think you can see very well, but I've put the Dark Debts models on small raised wooden plank bases (Depleted, Graves & Tannen).

The other Neverborn (Primordial Magic, Tuco and Doppelgänger) are on basic cobblestone bases.

The Undead (Copy Cat Killer and Necropunks) are on graveyard bases.

Last but not least, we have Hamelin who is on a Dungeon/Sewer base.

I'll be undercoating/washing these over the next week, and looking to paint up the bases (for some reason I always paint the bases first).

Once done I can then put these aside, being back out my CRYPTS models (Imps, Skeletons, Zombies & Spiders), finish building their bases and also undercoat them.

Yeah, for the first time in over a decade I've got a hell of a lot of models to get through. My aim is to paint one model a week, so maybe by next summer I'll be all done!

- oh I should probably also comment on Miss Step.
She is on a large wooden base, this will be a stage base for my wife's Colette crew, I'll be finishing the wood of the stage, and floor before attaching some real carpet I bought from a doll house retailer for the floor of the base.

Fingers crossed this will look good, if not, I'm going to cry.

Anyway, on that note; stay safe and I'll see you Cryptside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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