Thursday, 12 September 2013

Yay! Post!

Good Thursday everyone!

So on Tuesday I wrote a long post that was full of (not so) witty comments outlaying my plans for the evening involving getting files ready to go out for the first official CRYPTS beta.

Yeah, then my phone decided that being a tit was the best thing to happen, and so that was lost.

I was going to rewrite the post while at work, but we've introduced a new policy that use of personal mobiles outside of emergencies is punishable with disciplinary action - I'm not actually sure if that is a real rule, it may actually be a passive-aggressive attempt by my manager to get me off my phone (even though I'm not always on it, it's just Sod's law that every time he leaves his office I happen to be on it) anyway! So that post never happened.

But that night I got my nose down and as intended got the beta pack out to the couple who agreed to give it a look over.

NB: If you asked but never got an email, let me know.

It's still not complete, with only about 10 types of beasty, and still about half the number of loot cards there should be, but that's ok for now.

Of course the next day I realised that my updated QuickStart rules was missing lots of rules and clarifications, so these were written out in a long email and sent out, these will be added to the QuickStart rules once I get initial feedback back and begin phase 2 of the beta - or do so sans feedback, whichever comes first.


But guess what else was awaiting me? My GenCon order!!

I'm quite happy with this haul, it means that barring a few outstanding models (riders, Nekima etc) I am pretty much complete with my desired backlog!

So I started work on them last night, and I must admit, out of all the models I am most moved by the Depleted, they are lovely models.

For basing I'm looking to do the usual, raised floorboards for the Brilliance crew (Depleted, Graves & Tannen), cobblestones for the other Neverborn (Vom Worm, Tuco & Doppelgänger), graveyard for undead (Copycat Killer & Necropunks) and I will probably go for a dungeon look for Haemelin, as I did get him for an upcoming CRYPTS boss.

Miss Step is for my awesome wife, and I've been base building for her. I was originally trying to put her on a series of raised steps, but my wife didn't like that, so the steps have been removed leaving the floorboards.
I will instead attempt to build part of a stage, possibly with small access steps leading to it (just so it's not a mass of wood). I have also ordered some doll house red carpet which once the wood is painted will be laid over the flooring giving what I hope will be a striking contrast between the stage and carpeted floor.


But that's not all folks! Oh no, just before hitting the sack I logged on to WoW for the first time in a few months to give the new patch a try and venture around The Timeless Isle, and let me tell you, I'm looking forward to doing so again tonight! It was super fun!

I can still feel the pull from The Secret World, especially as I've just been sent to Transylvania and I want to start exploring that place and killing vamps, but i didn't feel like I had wasted my time on WoW and instead actually enjoyed myself, and ultimately isn't that what we all want to do?

Anywho, on that note I'll leave you as always with hopes that you stay safe and that I'll see you CRYPTside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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