Monday, 2 July 2012

The Adventures of Geek Dad: Demo Days and Neverborn Nights

Good Monday all!

I trust you all had a nice night sleep including a wake up at your usual time? Me? Not so much. The little Moo decided she wanted to wake up around 05:30 and not go back to bed. Far from fun...

But anyway, Saturday was my first demo day, and by all intents and purposes it should have been very different.

My schedule was to arrive at Leisure Games around 11:30 to set up, play a couple of demos and try to find a way of stretching the time and then finish some time between 14:00 and 16:00 before meeting up with some gamers nearby for a quick drink and get home around 1900-2000.

What actually happened was as follows:

Travel to London, the Northern Line is out of service so I had to take a slower bus service to Finchley, once there I set up and straight away gave a small demo.

In order to keep things simple my demo 'crews' consisted of Francisco Ortega and NiƱo Ortega vs 2 Terror Tots and 1 Young Nephilim, with more on standby if people want to learn more advanced games.

Using this format each game lasted about 20-40 mins on average depending on how quickly the opponent picked things up.

What was interesting: having Guild vs Neverborn on offer, no one ever wanted to play Neverborn.

Anyway, after many demos later, countless post game discussions involving model selections and faction choices it was then 1700 and I was looking to pack up as I was not only an hour later than intended but running behind on plans.

But seriously, I can see why others do these demo days. To share something your so passionate about and bring new players into the game, it's something wonderful and I can't wait for the next day!

I actually can't stress how great the game went. Sure there were a few problems here and there, but that's to be expected.

Sadly however with the Northern Line out of service and a couple of things I had to sort out on the way home, I didn't get back till about 21:45, quite a bit later than intended.

It was also very disheartening to hear from my wife that our daughter had been giving her trouble all day after I left. She thinks it's because she was missing me, I'm not so sure myself.

Yesterday was also interesting. In the evening I played some more Secret World and completed my first entire Investigation Mission chain.

I'll be honest, I did have to ask for help at one point, I just couldn't work out what the puzzle was pointing me to, but after that hint I then solved the rest and was very happy to report it in.

Sadly my wife however did not have the same fun. It seems she's encounter a few bugs, one that screws up the chat channels she can use, and actually gives up errors when she tries to use the ones needed and another that jumbled up the letters typed to her. It was very strange and annoying and meant the game was unplayable for her. However I'm confident if will get ironed out soon, and a GM did say that they have heard of chat corruption bugs that are caused through beta clients being used for gold, and that a fresh install has fixed the issues he was aware of.

Oh and one more thing. I finally have Lelu and Lilitu. I thought that having both Dreamer and Lilith, I really have no excuse to not get them.

Right, that's it from me today!

The rest of the week will probably be TSW discussion, but I look forward to catching up with you all soon!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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  1. Huzzah, with the twins you are now truely a filthmaster! Actually I've used them a fair bit and sure they're good, but at 14 SS that's not really surprising.

    For me the trick with them has always been keeping them both alive, I know for that reason a lot of people like to run 2 lelu and 1 lelitu. But that's just abusing a game mechanic as far as I'm concerned (I think they should have been unique 1, not 2, they're named individuals for goodness sake!).