Monday, 30 July 2012

Weekend Catchup

Good Monday all!

I trust you have all been well since we crossed paths last.

Since last we spoke I have been a busy little bee:

On Saturday I ran my second Henching demo at Leisure Games, and I must admit, it was very very fun.

I think with every experience of this I am getting a little bit better at it every time, but i suppose that's to be expected.

While there I picked up some supplies for myself including the Weaver Widow (more to come on that later) the new 'retro' fate deck, Book 1.5 and a surprise present for my significant other.

Firstly I'd like to discuss the Widow:

So initially the model; she's a beauty, but also an arse to assemble! I'll show some photos in a few days once I've started painting her.
But the stats is where my confusion starts:
For 9SS she is expensive, can do some 'alright' damage, can buff dolls and constructs, generate counters and make teddies and dolls.

Now I'm a Dreamer player, I love the Dreamer, and because of her Nightmare status, from day 1 I knew I wanted her.

So I get the idea of it, start the game unburied, she makes a scrap counter, activate Dreamer who buries her and flys off. Then as the game progresses you drop her off in the heat of combat, grab up the counters and make a teddy. This is giving you a nice Teddy and denying the opponent counters (which against Resser and Scavengers is great).

But then you have her CB stat on her claws. 5(Mask). Why is the mask there? I've checked her triggers and her spells, none of them run off her CB. I actually don't understand why this is there.

But I'm going to practice with her, she's a beautiful model and I know I can make her work.

Next up are the 'retro' cards:

Now these I am very happy with! You see the problem with the normal decks is their size, they're just to thick to fit in my travel bag's designated pockets. I am of course referring to them post being used with card protectors, which for me is a must due to their lack of plastic coating.

So now, thanks to my puppet deck and the 'retro' deck I am all set for leaving my brick of cards at home!

Finally it's Book 1.5

Now as I've only been playing for about 1.25 years, I started around the time Book1 was taken out of print. Since then there have been rules erratas and many card changes.

As such for me having the opportunity to grab Book 1.5 (a rewriting of Book1 with updated rules, which in essence replaces the need for the Rules Manual) was a must! Now I can finally read the Book1 fluff, along with character descriptions for all the book1 models!

So yeah I am a happy Doctor!

Last but not least is the present for my dearest wife: Avatar Colette.

I'm not sure what to make if her to be honest. The bunny/hat Colette is fun, and sparkles Colette is also nice, but Crouching Colette is very strange. I think a lot of model bending and reshaping will be needed for her.


Anywho, this week is a biggy!

Tonight I am resitting my Mock1 test for Module 1 of my AAT course. I have gone back over the areas I think I messed up last week and am going to try it again. If I do well, I'm then next week going to make a start on the mocks for the other modules.

Once tonights paper is done, the rest of my week's evenings are designated for painting the Widow and designing/printing the Wicked Doll stat cards in order for next Friday's Pan-London event.

Anyway, as I write this I am nearing the end of the train part of my commute.

So I shall bid you all good day, and will catch up very soon.

Take care, and I'll see you Breachside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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