Saturday, 18 May 2013

A Change in Direction

Good Saturday,

Ok so last night and this morning I slept for what came to just under 14 hours, and it is amazing just how much better I feel for it.

This has actually put a whole new spin on my outlook for MaliQuest.


So yesterday I was talking about how adjusting the stat profile would be a good thing, merging Cb in with the other stats, and altering Casting to be an opposed duel just like Cb duels, only using Ca instead.

I still think that this might be the right way to go, however getting the balance of stats right is something that would take a lot of work.

It would also require re-printing all of the weapons and artifacts and quite a few of the other cards.

In short it would not be very fun at all, and that my friends is where I'm going wrong!


These past few months I have been so obsessed with trying to make a balanced fun game, that I have forgotten something:

Making the game is supposed to be fun as well!


So yesterday I was talking with my podcast crew, and was acting like a dick.

They were telling me that they've been really enjoying the game and having fun, but I've been so obsessed that there were imbalances that I was convinced that they were wrong, and instead were blindsided to what I was trying to correct.

What I should have instead been doing was thanking them for helping me and for enjoying the game and instead focussing on making more content that was fun to produce.


You see, I've had problems recently playing the game, it hasn't been very fun for me, and largely that has been because I've been trying to create 'the perfect play experience' where the creatures the party encounter are just difficult enough to pose a threat, but not to difficult that there is no hope.

I think it is safe to say however that when you have a game with so many variables as MaliQuest has, creating the perfect balance is in fact impossible, and when my party had been telling me they were enjoying themselves, I should have listened.


So what's next? Am I going to make the changes to the stat line?

Not yet.

Maybe in the future, but for now I'm sticking with how things currently are.

Instead I'm going to get started on the Trinity system.

You see, on Thursday when I was making my Raid Card, I had loads of fun. It wasn't doing something for the sake of doing it because I 'had' to, it was doing something because I wanted to.

I hope that makes sense, and I hope that I haven't alienated my podcast crew so much as to stop us bringing you next week's show.

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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