Tuesday, 21 May 2013

MaliQuest: Trinity

Good Wednesday everyone!

Before I begin today I'd like to wish a happy birthday to Podcast Crew Member Will, hope you have a good day today dude!

Secondly, this week we are recording Episode 10 of New Fairbank Radio, and to celebrate reaching double figures I thought it would be time to 'release' the first MaliQuest expansion.

I say release, what I really mean is show off the cards. There will be a short rule book and some fluff, but for now the cards will suffice.

And so without further ado:

MaliQuest: Trinity

For those interested, Trinity is all about introducing something called "Aspects".

Aspects are the game's equivalent of classes, and currently have a single card for each Aspect.

And so I would like to introduce you to the first Aspect:

The Tank

As you can see the Tank's first Aspect Card is to provide an ability called Taunt, which essentially forces a model to target the Tank.

Next as have:
The Healer

As you can see, nice and easy, the Healer has an ability to give a friendly model Armour +1.

Last but not least we have:

The DPS has an ability called Defiance, which increases your damage if your character is close to death.


These are the first pass on these cards, and already I can see a few changes that I need to make, all abilities need a range added, the Taunt needs a choice of ranged or Melee AOE added, and Defiance needs editing so that you only get the bonus against the targeted model, so you can't target a Weak 4 monster, get the bonus, and then go on to kill a Weak 1 monster.

The Rules

Ok, so how do you use these cards?

If you want to use Aspects, before you start a game you declare an Aspect, which at the moment is just the MMO Holy Trinity: Tank, Healer & DPS (hence the name of the expansion) and then you get access to any of the cards relating to that Aspect.

At the time of writing there is only one card per Aspect, and when this goes live there will still only be one card per Aspect, however I am allowing for other cards to belong to Aspects for the future.

In between Encounters, if you have multiple cards available for your Aspect you can as a Free Action you can choose what card you want for that Encounter.

This is mainly to allow you to swap and change in order to try out new combos.

And that is essentially it!

All Aspect cards will consist of (0) Actions, this makes it a lot harder for crazy combos to be made, and as mentioned before, we may see multiple cards for Aspects be released, and of course there is no reason why other Aspects can't be released, perhaps Death Marshall, Performer, Mercenary or anything else you can think of.

On that note, I hope you like this addition, over the next few weeks I'll be making more passes over these three cards, and will be writing up a properly written version of the rules.

Until then, stay safe and I'll see you breachside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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