Tuesday, 7 May 2013

A state of game

Good Tuesday everyone!

Well it's the start of a new week, and while I have already spoken this week about how my weekend, you may be wondering about where MaliQuest really is at the moment?

Well currently as of last night I uploaded version 0.4 of the Dungeon Companion: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ou7dtzb1ozxrn3z/Dungeon%20Companion%200.4.pdf

You will find in this version a few changes in the rules, along with the start of the Manual of Monsters.

I will take this opportunity to say, if you're interested in helping, I'm currently in need for narrative for the Monster Manual, and with this in mind I'm looking for as many people as possible who would be willing to help with this.

All I need is a couple of paragraphs for your favourite minion and then I'll format it and find a suitable picture and then you can find it in the next edition!

So what's coming next?

Well after two episodes of fluff, we are now good to go ahead and start the next MaliQuest campaign. More on this later this week.

Well that's all for now, stay safe and I'll see you breachside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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