Monday, 6 May 2013

Weekend Update

Good Monday everyone!

What a lovely weekend this has been for me and my family, and I trust the same can be said for yourselves.

I'll start off by saying that there seems to be a lot of stuff going on at the moment about Malifaux 2.0. I'm sure some of you (maybe?) want to hear my thoughts about all of this, and personally I'm staying quiet at this stage. As I've been saying to a lot of people over twitter, I still have my v1 models, cards and books, and if the worst happens, then I'll just stick with them, but there is no point in worrying about that until I have a printed copy of the rules in my hand and I know how it plays, after all even after closing the open beta, they can still alter each and every rule if they so choose, so worrying right now seems a little pointless.

No, instead today's post is all about the joys of a bank holiday, playing Diablo3, hobbytime and parenthood.


Let me start at the beginning, it's been a bank holiday weekend this weekend, so the mood has been very interesting.

So Friday: this was sadly a very late night for me, having recorded the latest episode of NFR only on Thursday, I proceeded to edit and upload it Friday night. It wasn't easy, I took a 2 hour Q&A and turned into only just over 1 hour. How's that for cat herding?

Then came Saturday. After a nice 10am lay in, I was joined in the world of Sanctuary (Diablo franchise) by Sarah my wife and our mutual friend, and together we continued to progress through Act II.

Come the afternoon the family, Moo included travelled into town where we picked up a McDonalds and had an extremely relaxed evening involving WoW and some painting, where I got to get started on my Salute haul including 6 Resurrectionist models and a Desperate Merc.

Sunday: a great day! It really was!

The sun was shining, and I had morning duty looking after the Moo. We watched some family films together before her afternoon nap.

Putting her to bed, my wife and I adventured back into Sanctuary knowing that the end of Act II was near, but not quite near enough it appeared.

Come the afternoon, I delved into the back of the shed to pull out my old trusty lawn mower to cut back the grass.

For some this is largely about appearance, but personally I am not fussed about that for the back garden. No. For me it's all about teaching the spiders who grow and live in tall grass that this is not their land, and that I can take their homes away with a simple move.

Once the lawn was cut, Sarah got started on a bit of weeding, while the Moo and I played in the garden, lots of spinning later and a great amount if feeling dizzy on all sides we retreated for the evening including more WoW and further painting.

Monday: today I was up again looking after the Moo, as Sarah appeared really really tired and I thought could do with the rest.

We had breakfast, and settled down to watch the start of Cartoon Network's Adventure Time marathon. But little did I realise that would mean them playing the same 6 episodes over and over.

So back into Sanctuary we went and finally completed Act II leaving the dreaded desert levels behind.

It was then that I had a brainwave, and combining two of my favourite things created the ultimate in snack food:

Then this afternoon we walked to the local water-park place, not a water park per-say, more a park, that has a river and a lake in it, so they have lots of water birds for the Moo to throw bread too.

So what else is planned? Well currently i am enjoying a well deserved bath, while my printer churns our all 100 basic loot cards (12 pages) and once I am done writing this, I'll then be shortly uploading my updated copy of the MaliQuest Dungeon Companion - more on this tomorrow, followed by more painting.

For those curious, my current major focus is trying to get BĂȘte Noir to look like the spirit of a scorned bride. It's not working so well...

Anyway, I'd better get on with my evening! Stay safe, and I'll see you breachside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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