Wednesday, 1 May 2013

MaliQuest: A Q&A (b)

So where we left off I had just talked about XP.

Q3). What is to stop people getting the best loot and just sticking with it? What about loot degradation?

A3). Loot quality degrading is something that has been raised to me before. It's an idea that I like, but at this stage I believe it over complicates the game.

Already we're looking at a system that can appear over cumbersome at first glance, and I feel adding degrading loot would just add to make it worse.

I would like to point out however that we already have Health Potion and Ammo Mods that have a number of charges, if I was to go down the route of degrading, this is probably something I would explore, however I would be more inclined to make loot that degrades into 'super loot' maybe a BFG that does 5/8/10 damage per shot, but only has 2 shots before it's spent, that sort of thing.

Last but not least -

Q4). Will there be ways to gain abilities through means other than loot?

A4). Currently the only implemented means is via loot, for example the following 2 cards give special actions:

But loot is not the only planned manner of ability gaining planned.

As mentioned before, the Trinity system (the first expansion) will feature Class Cards that when selected give you specific (0) Actions, such as the Tank Class Card gives you access to (0) Taunt: The target's next offensive action must use you as a target, and the Healer Class Card gives you (0) Protective Shield: Target friendly model gains Armour +1 against their next incoming damaging attack.
- I am also thinking about something like DPS Class Card (0) Martyr: This model gains The Martyr status effect (+x Dg, reduce Df by 1/2 [no idea what the X Dg would be yet]).

Of course let us not forget about the Paths of Fate:
Lets say you are following the Resurrectionist Path then when you get your first point, you would gain access to the following spell (0) Grasping Hands: Grasping hands reach out from the ground to Immobilise your target for 1 turn.

At Point 2 they may gain Slow To Die, at Point 3 they may gain the Rot trigger on a Melee weapon, at 4 it might be Regen +1 and the 5th Point may reward Arise, a (0) Spell that let's you Rez your team mates without requiring a Soulstone (freeing them up to be used on Damage).

So already there are the steps in place to give more interesting abilities, it's just getting them out there.

- By the way, any suggestions on how Path Points should be awarded would be greatly appreciated (and the Path Powers are purely examples at the moment, these are just off the to p of my head).

Anyway that's all from me today.

Stay safe and I'll see you breachside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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  1. Btw what I'm currently thinking about awarding Path Points is as follows:

    When you create your character, depending on your Wind of Fate suit of choice you get your first Path Point.

    From that point on every time you do something specific you get Faction Points, for example, Arcanist pints might be from casting Arcanist spells (no idea about the others) and once you have 10 points, you get your 2nd Path Point, then at 20 points you get your 3rd Path Point, then at 40 you get 4th and at 80 you get 5th.

    This might not be enough, in the Arcanist example that would mean casting Arcanist spells successfully a total of 80 times, not sure if that's a lot or too few. But there we go.