Friday, 17 May 2013

MaliQuest: The Lair of Luth'Nak

Good Friday everyone!

So I've been talking for months now about a secret third expansion for MaliQuest that is in development.

I would like to take the opportunity to reveal with that expansion will be:

MaliQuest: The Lair of Luth'Nak - A Raid Encounter

Yes, the final expansion for this game will be creating a Raid style experience for party members to play through.

For those unfamiliar with the term, a Raid is a fight in an MMO when a number of players are pitted against an "├╝ber boss".

In this situation the players are against Luth'Nak the Horror Below.

In order to enforce that these encounters feel different to regular ones, a Raid Encounter consists of a Raid Deck; 60 cards of Boss Actions.

So whenever it is time for the boss to activate, the GM flips over a Raid Card and does whatever the card says, an example of this was created last night by myself:

This is the Constricted card, when it is flipped the GM must determine a random player target (flip a card for every player, lowest is the target) and that target must win a Df 15 duel or be paralysed and suffer damage, in addition, if they fail they must win a Df 12 duel (I think I left off the 12 on the card) or remain paralysed and suffer more damage. This continues every turn until either the player is dead or they resist the tentacle.

There will be plenty of other cards, some more scary, some less so.
- one that I most certainly will be using is a suggestion from my friend David, where a random player is grabbed and dragged to a designated spot in a separate room on the map. This is less about hurting the player, but breaking them away from the party, forcing them to fight back to their friends and hoping the party can live through that change.

Obviously there will be monsters being spawned in the form of tentacles that get their own AP and will need to be killed, and the boss himself will have his own Wd stat that will be VERY big, think 30 Wounds, probably with something like Armour 2 and Regen 2.

This is designed to be a hard encounter, one where players will not likely walk away victorious, if they walk away at all.

Because of the nature of the Raid Deck, there is no direct need for the GM to be directly involved, allowing for players to play through the encounter without a GM if they want, or the GM can play a pre created character and join the party as someone to help.


So there we have it, you now have my full plan laid out:
1). Finalise the 'vanilla' version of MaliQuest.
2). MaliQuest: Trinity, allowing Tank, Healer & DPS character types.
3). MaliQuest: Paths of Fate, lowing players to expand their characters in alternative ways to loot acquisition.
4). MaliQuest: Lair of Luth'Nak, Raid Encounters.

I hope you're as excited as I am about this, and I hope you can all join me in this experience.

For now, stay safe and I'll see you breachside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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