Friday, 6 July 2012

Greenstuff: It's Not A Mogwai

Good Friday all!

Before I begin, I am super psyched for tomorrow, travelling down south with my wife to visit some friends, followed by two days off from work!

It hasn't been long since my last day of leave, but it feels like forever.

Anyway, we all know the rules: Keep them away from bright light, especially sunlight, it'll kill them. Don't get them wet. And most importantly, never, ever feed them after midnight.

Well, last night I decided to take the plunge with Lelu. And gave him some long hair:

It hasn't come out all that well in the photos, and I'll be sure to take some more tonight.

The reason behind this was looking over my last Nephilim photo:

It's the contrast of the pale blue-grey vs the deep red that I love so much about this crew, and in order to keep with the theme both Lelu and Lilitu are wearing white clothes as per the Young and Mature Nephilim.

I also painted Lilitu's hair red in the same way as the others, but Lelu just did not fit in with them being bald. And so I started sculpting.

I was sure before hand of course to read some guides on sculpting hair. I read about making sausages in the place of the bulk of the hair, smoothing it out to merge, and then scouring out the strands and tufts of hair.

What I had never read before was the importance of keeping it wet (see, that's where the Mogwai reference comes in!).

By keeping the putty wet it meant there was minimal sticking to my knife and I was able to score the putty in the way I wanted to, like... well, like a knife through putty!

For those who have never used Greenstuff modelling putty before, if you don't keep it wet, it sticks to the knife and causes the putty to stretch and become 'bitty'.

Why did no one tell me this?!? I have been using a variety of different putties for years, and not once did anyone tell me about the magical properties of water!

So please, next time your using Greenstuff, don't treat it like a Mogwai, keep it well saturated during sculpting and reap the benefits and rewards!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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  1. Any greenstuff guides I'd ever read had always talked about using some form of lube. Some people swear by olive oil, others water and quite commonly spit as it's always close to hand when you need it.

    Think it looks good, really suits the crew.