Thursday, 5 July 2012

I feel... Filthy

Good Thursday all!

You know, a friend of mine posted on Facebook this morning about how it feels like someone has snuck another working day into this week and that it feels like it should be Friday, and you know what? He's right!

But moaning aside, yesterday I was working on my twin Nightmare/Nephilim. They are nearly ready to be show cased, but for some reason I don't think I'm as happy with them as I am the other Nephs.

But no matter, tonight I'll finish them off and do a show case for you all tomorrow. Then my Filth will be complete.

But one thing I will say, I'm really tempted to try and give Lelu some small spikey hair... Currently he's missing 'something' and I think that's what it is, every other Nephilim has pale skin and monochrome clothes contrasted by the bright red hair, but Lelu is bald!

However I've already painted his head... Not sure, I might just leave it... Hmmm...

Anyway, that was my evening after a day spent finishing off my very very very large pile of paperwork and helping the new HR lady move her office from one room to another. Thankfully I had help from some 'burley' officers to move the heavy stuff.

Tonight after finishing the Neph twins I'll be experiencing Filth in a different way.

Yup I'll be heading back into Kingsmouth to continue my work there.

When I left on Tuesday I had just finished gathering supplies from around town in order to help a dude (who reminds me a lot of Pope from Falling Skies) build a whole heap of bombs. On my journey around town I found an abandoned house on the outskirts, there was a note left pinned to the door, from an apparently suicidal woman to her presumed dead husband. I won't reveal what happened, but let's just say, there are very few occasions where an MMO moves me. This was one of those occasions.

I am also looking forward to progressing beyond Kingsmouth into the Savage Coast, but right now I'm loving the feel of Kingsmouth. It was supposed to feel like a collaboration between Stephen King and HP Lovecraft, and I think they knocked it right on the head!

Right, that's my ramble for the day done, time to catch some last minute sleep before my train gets to my stop, see you all Breachside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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