Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The Secret World: Live

Good Tuesday everyone!

Well today is the day! TSW is now live, and just before I left for work this morning our copies arrived ready to be activated and played!

First things first, to keep you in the loop, tonight I'll be playing more TSW (I've heard there's supposed to be a zombie invasion in Kingsmouth.

Then tomorrow I'll be working on my Neverborn Twins in order to take them along this weekend to an unofficial demo.

So last night I was back in Kingsmouth trying to save the world from all levels of nasty monsters.

I researched into a series of murders in Kingsmouth from 2002, I spoke with a ghost, and I spoke with a bunch of bugged ravens.

I also searched for a pyramid, went bee hunting, and strived to find a set of gallows.

All in all I had a blast! But in the spirit of not revealing spoilers, I can't go into much more.

Right, time to finish listening to the Malifools podcast, stay safe everyone!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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