Sunday, 22 July 2012

In a town in the woods...

Good Sunday everyone!

I was hoping to have a nice update for you all regarding my up coming Malifaux Demo this Saturday, but I am afraid that isn't going to happen for a few days.

This was mainly because I spent 20:00 to 01:00 last night trying to fix my computer.

The symptoms appeared to be a Kim to a virus attack; my AV wasn't running and refused to start and my iexplore was double opening (1 page to my home, the other to some random gambling site).

After a failed attempt at a system restore where it crashed when starting up for the first time, I was then confronted with a new error I had never seen before, after passing the Win7 welcome screen I was confronted with a black screen and a working mouse.

After fiddling around and talking to my texpert friend I finally got it to boot from my DVD drive using my Win7 install disk (I'm so glad I bought that) and then tried to undo the restore and try some other restore points.

None of these worked and so i had no choice but to try and reinstall Win7.

Which worked! Yay! And thankfully it also starts up a lot faster now so really it's a win/win! I still need to sort out some drivers, like my sound card which is scarily quiet even with everything turned to full, but when I get Photoshop reinstalled that will allow me to get my fliers done.

But that I am afraid will need to wait until Tuesday, for tonight and tomorrow night I am taking my AAT mock exams, seeing if I'm ready to sit the first paper!

But anyway, there is something that I was doing on Friday, and it seems to be popular with a few out there in the twitterscape:

Yes I'm talking my painted Wicked Dolls!

You'll notice that I have made an attempt at making my own straw stuffing, this was achieved with Dead Grass from the GW Static Grass series which was glued into place. The pins were made with model tree-branch arms for the needle and green stuff for the ball, the rest of the doll was hand sculpted with green stuff.

I'll also be making my own Proxy Stat Cards for these little darlings and am looking to using them with my Weaver Widow I hope to pick up next Saturday.

Anyway, that's it for today, wish me luck with my mock exams and I'll see you all breachside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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