Thursday, 21 February 2013

MaliQuest: A Dungeon Companion WIP

Good Thursday everyone!

As I promised last night, I've been working on porting the two stories I have plus the rulebook into the Companion.

Before I put up the link however, a quick warning:
The front cover is a MASSIVE Work In Progress, as is everything within.

Everything you read inside is subject to change, and the GM Guide is pretty much empty, but I have included A Song for Sissy inside that as it features an example boss. Eventually that will be included with the guide's chapter "Example Bosses", and I hope that each boss will also feature short stories (which reminds me, I need to complete the rules on Daisy Haynes).

Also you'll see that there are a few notes scattered around by the great Dr Loxley himself. These are not by me as such, but more my 'living in New Fairbank' alter ego. I hope to work on these and feature more of them as time goes on, especially in the GM Guide. Most of them are just a bit of fun to add flare to the book.

Also the pictures, most of these are WIP themselves and certain ones like the sketch spider (which is actually the Steampunk Arachnid from the loot card with a 'sketch' filter applied to it) needs it's blending fixed.

Anyway, that's enough blathering from me: I hereby present you with v0.1 of
MaliQuest: A Dungeon Companion

Stay safe friends, and I'll see you breachside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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  1. Oh and I forgot to say, please send comments and critiques my way. Anything you like/dislike, it's all gravy to me!