Sunday, 3 February 2013

MaliQuest: A Short Story

Good Sunday everyone!

So on Friday I brought you the news of the MaliQuest Compendium, and I also promised an example of some fluff.

Before I get started however I'd like to thank a certain person: David! Doubt you'll read this, and I've already replied to your email, but your comments about the 1.2 Rulebook are fantastic! I'll be making the corrections along with the needed editions over the next few days which I will upload as v1.3.

And now on with my Introduction story, titled: Welcome to New Fairbank.


The floor of the tavern was thick with muck, comprising of all manner of unthinkables, but despite this the stranger paced firmly to the bar.

Pulling his wide brimmed hat down over his eyes he attempted to mask his face as the bar tender approached.

"No need for that stranger" said the bar tender, a slight smirk crossing his face as he dried out a shot glass before slamming it on the bar infront of the stranger and quickly filling it up with cheap whiskey.

"This is the Last Light Tavern, and no one here cares who you are" the bar tender paused for dramatic effect "at least not until you make a name for yourself down the Crypts. Me, call me Frank".

The Last Light Tavern was the only drinking hole in New Fairbank, and Frank Hodges the owner knew it, he could charge a fortune in Scrip and the customers would pay it.

"I'm guessing you'll want the usual introduction then?" Frank queried the stranger "See the white haired coot over there?" Frank asked while pointing at a man sat nursing a glass of water while reading from old dirty paper pages "That's our resident Doc, ain't no one know this town like him".

And with that Frank turned his back and walked away leaving the stranger to contemplate the next move.

With a grunt the stranger acknowledged Frank, turned and paced his way towards the white haired man.

"Pleased to meet you" the white haired man said in a manner too sprightly for his apparent age, his eyes not moving from the pages he was reading, but a hand shooting across the table towards the stranger, but being pulled back before giving the opportunity of a shake. "The name's Loxley, Doctor Loxley, and putting pieces back together is my game!" A smile shot across the Doctor's face, like he was laughing at a joke only he could hear. "People, Artifacts, stories. You name it, I'm interested in it, and somehow I'll put them together. It's why I always get sent the new comers like you, give you an idea of what has come before and what has yet to come" with that the Doctor screwed up his papers, stuffed them into his pocket, and pulled from the chair next to him a large leather bound book.

The stranger took his seat and looked at the Doctor, trying his hardest to make himself as imposing as possible.

"I suppose you call that your 'scary eye'?" The Doctor asked "wait until you're down in the Crypts with beasties all around and no one but yourself and Ol' Betsey for company. Now that's scary".

The Doctor pulled open the pages of the book "now where was I? Oh yes! Here!" The Doctor began to read from the pages, and as he did images filled the stranger's head, images so vibrant they appeared almost real.

"This town wasn't always like this, back when it was first founded after the second breach it was a vibrant Stone mine. Far enough away from Malifaux-Proper that the Guild never bothered anyone, but habitable enough for folks to live."

The images swirled revealing a town very similar to the one he had passed through on his way to the Last Light Tavern.

"The Stones came readily, and with it came Scrip. But the owners of the mine got greedy, the dug and dug and dug"

Again the images changed, showing miners in rows digging in tight dark conditions.

"They say that the miners dug too deep, and that was when they reached the Crypts. They awoke something deep inside".

The images shifted again, revealing a dark shadow with deep red eyes.

"That night the whole town disappeared, the water turned black and our dead started to return as monsters. But that was not the end of our story".

At that moment, the Doctor slammed the tome shut, the images vanished returning back to the tavern around.

"It was a few years later our Sheriff arrived here, he had brought with him a posse and was determined to bring peace to our town. The posse ventured into the Crypts, and none but the Sheriff returned. But with his return he brought news of riches and treasures beyond our wildest dreams".

The Doctor paused for a moment, a look of almost remorse appeared across his face. He continued with his story.

"Ever since, adventurers of all types have flocked to this town to try and earn their fame and fortune. Most people would be unable to keep control of such an unruly lot, especially when every man is out for himself, but not our Sheriff".

The Doctor paused for a moment longer before leaning closer to the stranger. "They say he is no longer human, that when he was in the Crypts he was changed, perhaps he learned the secrets of the Resurrectionists, or maybe a Skinwalker got him. Regardless it doesn't matter. He controls the Black Market to allow the selling of whatever Artifacts are found and always takes his cut, and with that the trail of Scrip flows through the town and everyone is happy".

The stranger looked at the Doctor before smirking "Is that it?" Asked the stranger. "Not quite" replied the Doctor.

"Welcome to New Fairbank".


- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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