Wednesday, 20 February 2013

More to come!

Good evening everyone!

With hope by now you have read the tremendous short story written for the MaliQuest Companion: A Song for Sissy

Well I just wanted to let you know that there is so much more to come!

I know, I know, writing two posts in one day is not typical for blogging behaviour, but I think we can all agree I'm not your typical blogger.

The thing is, I've found my spark again!

I'm super psyched about getting the Companion underway, and I even took a sneaky peak online at .pdf publishing to see how much it would cost me to get a hard copy printed and presented into my own hands (there will be more on this in the months to come, but let's just say, I'm going to have to ask for Wyrd's permission before doing anything like that, as technically it will be a breach of copyright, even if I don't make a profit from it).

And so we come on to tonight's plan!

You see as well as working on editing the sketch of Sissy (my hope is to migrate it onto a clear-backed .gif so it looks drawn onto the page. I just don't want to have to lasso tool the whole thing, that stuff takes hours) I'll also be looking to format my Welcome to New Fairbank story and the MaliQuest Rulebook into a suitable format for the Companion.

I'll do my best to put whatever I come up with online tonight, and will report on it tomorrow morning.

So for those who may have been worrying if my heart is no longer in this? You can rest assured, it most certainly is!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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