Friday, 15 February 2013

Pulse Rifles, Smartguns and DX10

Good Friday everyone!

I'm going to jump to the point:

Were any of you unconvinced by the frankly outlandish reviews of Aliens: Colonial Marines?

Did you, despite the torrent of reviews claiming 4/10 scores still put your cash down and get your game?

If so then bravo on being brave. I did the same and received some quality officially licensed swag as a result in the form of a statue, a mission dossier print out (it's on a dot matrix print out! So cute!) a very large blueprint of the Sephora, a certificate of USCM boot camp completion and most importantly, official USCM badges!

Now I just need to find a jacket to have them attached to!

But anyway that's not all I want to talk with you today.


Last night against my better judgement (I'm coming down with a cold and could have really done with an early night) I stayed up and played through the Hadley's Hope level.

It was magnificent!

You see this game is one that I believe you get out of it what you put in. So while investigating the site I took my time, checked the corners, the ceilings and the dark shadowy places.

I felt almost humbled to walk the very same halls that those same men and women did back in '86, seeing the sentry guns blinking 04 and 00 ammo counts and the upturned bed from the med lab, complete with table and pinned to wall - shot to hell face hugger.

Then I read about a DX10 unofficial patch.

You see it turns out that the PC version of the game has many features which are part of the game but are not currently enabled, this has been found, corrected and a 'patch' uploaded to the website

So I have it a try, and the differences it made were astronomical! Out of no where there was dust floating in the air and light shafts coming in from where before there was just an open door, even the aliens themselves seem to move better with more fluid animations!


In conclusion, I can't advise you whether to buy this game or not, what with all the reviewers hating it, the blame game that Gearbox seem to be playing (but no mention of Sega refusing to finish publication back in 2009 in order to give more attention to AvP2010 I see) and all the crap that's being flung left right and centre.

What I can say is that I'm really enjoying it, and despite coming down with a cold, I can't seem to pull myself away from this game.


I have my own theories about what happened to this game. I know that in 2009 it was ready to be released, but as I mentioned earlier Sega pulled funding for a final push to release. At the time Sega announced that this was done so that they could release AvP in 2010 which they thought would be more commercially viable and would increase the demand for A:CM.

I play this game now, and it feels like a game from 2009 (when it was supposed to have been released) like FEAR2, like Dragon Age:Origins and like Batman: Arkham Asylum.
In other words it feels like a game that I enjoy playing!

As always, stay safe and I'll see you breachside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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