Monday, 18 February 2013

My Gears Are All Ground

Good Monday everyone!

So not much has come from me recently, this is largely because for the latter half of last week I've been suffering from a cold.

What I have been doing however is playing quite a bit on my computer.

As mentioned before, one of those games is the recently released Dead Space 3.

Now, I'm afraid I have to voice my thoughts on this game along with the generic consensus I've seen for this game.


So the major reaction to this game is that while the combat might feel quite repetitive at times and that the storyline might be a little 'silly' it is still a fantastic game and should be played by everyone who either likes Action games or Dead Space games.

I'd like to call Bull Shit on that!

I'm sorry but this game is a freaking insult to the name Dead Space!

I'm not going to reveal ANY of the plot, but instead make an analogy.

Remember in the film AvP how the team behind it took established fan fluff, tore it to pieces and put it back in a nonsense "aliens living in the arctic" crap? Remember how it shortened the incubation time of a face hugger from hours/days and had chest bursting within 5-15 minutes?

Remember how in the sequel you then had the Predalien who layer eggs in pregnant woman's mouths that somehow managed up in their wombs?

Yeah this is my analogy!

Those films too established cannon, incubation times, the DNA reflex, even basic biology and spun it on it's head until it was sick.

That is what Dead Space 3 does to the lore we were given in the previous two games.

Like I said, no spoilers here, but it felt like whoever designed this game, despite being part of the original development team hasn't actually read any of the lore. Like they had played through the first couple of games and decided to make this game.

It's as if quality control consisted of two questions:

Necromorphs? Check!
Marker(s)? Check!
Right let's ship!

So sure, it has the occasional moment of high octane, by the seat of your pants, OMG OMG I'M GOING TO DIE!! Moments, but they are intermixed with combat sessions that are too drawn out, too formulaic and too boring, and when your not doing that your doing MMO style courier quests and solving puzzles that were not to dissimilar to those from Tomb Raider 2.

Are there good parts of this game?

Yes there are, but that is not the point!


If you bought this game and are currently / have recently enjoyed it, then I'm happy for you. Seriously, you've spent money on something and I would hate to see it gone to waste.

But please do not advertise it as anything other than it actually is.

What it is:
A co-op Gears of War style shooter with clever combat mechanics

What it is not:
A Dead Space game.


You see essentially that is what I have a problem with. If this game was instead titled as a stand alone game that was not tied into the Dead Space storyline, then I would have no problem with it.

But no, this is Dead Space's version of Alien Resurrection, of Predators, or Terminator 3/or Salvation, of Matrix 2&3.

By itself it is fun and enjoyable, but when it's tied to a successful name it just tarnishes what came before.

At least that's what I think...

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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