Wednesday, 20 February 2013

MaliQuest: A Song for Sissy!

Good Wednesday everyone!

You know, It's amazing just how much better feeling healthier can make you feel.

Today is the first time for the past week(ish) that I've woken up without feeling like I want to die because of my cold.

No, today is going to be a good day!


What better way of starting off the good day than with the first fluff submission I have received for the Dungeon Companion?

I hereby present you with:

A Song for Sissy

Sissy Ruisseau sighed as she laid on her bed in the small room she had acquired in the inn in New Fairbank. The Last Light Tavern took in many strays and offered them a home for a time. It had taken most of her earnings to hold the room for a week, a room away from prospectors and mercenaries where she could have some peace and quiet after a long journey into the Breach. Lying on her belly, feet swinging in the air above her frill covered back side; she looked at the aging piece of paper in her hands. On it, the person she dreamed of being smiled back at her with a wink, top hat in one hand and a deck of cards in the other.

“Oh Colette… How did you do it?!” She sighed a melodramatic sigh. The piece of paper spoke of The Amazing Colette DuBois and the Star Theatre. Come one, come all, to the great spectacle! Be astounded! Be Amazed! Have your breath taken away! Every fibre of her being wished she could be on a poster like that. She didn’t even want to be the main attraction. She just wanted to be a Showgirl, not even a Coryphee, just a Showgirl, but her audition hadn’t gone well. She had met Colette. The most beautiful woman she had ever seen had addressed all of the girls wanting to join the company of the Star Theatre. She had shown them tricks; how to make a coin appear from thin air, how to pinpoint exactly which card a person was thinking and more, each one with a showmanship and smile that just made you love her. Sissy had been so awed she had forgotten her own sleight of hand. She had dropped the little trinket she wanted to make move from one hand to the other without the two meeting and the scolding look she had received had meant her heart just wasn’t in her song and dance. Sissy had left the Star Theatre feeling worthless. She couldn’t even bring herself to empty the pockets of a kindly old man who had asked her why she was in tears. Sissy was a pretty thing; people had always told her so, including the kindly old man who just couldn’t let her spend the evening crying and alone. But maybe she just wasn’t pretty or witty or talented enough for Colette Dubois.

Sissy drank the wine the kindly old man he had bought her and had eaten the food he had paid for too. She even listened to his stories, as boring as they were. She even summoned the courage to show him her sleight of hand trick. Of course it worked that time…


Now that is just an extract, want more? Then friends if I could please direct you to the first (almost) complete fluff section of the Dungeon Companion:

All works on this document, including story and character art are the works of my wonderful wife Sarah Paskell, I'm afraid I can only take credit for the formatting (of which I mimicked Wyrd's) and the example in game character.


If I could please give a quick chat about this? Where possible I would like to give players example custom bosses.

In the case of Sissy, she has the base stats of a Showgirl Performer, however has non of the attacks or spells.

What she specialises in is her speed with (+1) Fast, her Spell Enthral and Ability Menagerie.

After reading the story I am sure Enthral makes perfect sense, but Menagerie probably does not. This is where multiple creators can be either a boon or a curse.

When I read the story, I imagined what Sissy would be like as a boss? I saw her dancing around capturing the hearts and minds of all around her, including the little beasties of the Dungeon.

With Menagerie, when she spawns she has a characteristic assigned to her to have Companion with, let's say Nephilim. She is also spawned with some Terror Tots, who up until this moment were perfectly happy enjoying Sissy's performance.

In this instance Sissy is spawned with Companion Nephilim, so after casting Enthral twice to paralyse two of the party, she then uses her third AP to regain Harmless and then sends one of her Companioned Terror Tots to attack the party.

Not the most subtle of example bosses perhaps, but I think she works.

Anyway, I'll leave you to enjoy that, and so from me - stay safe and I'll see you breachside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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