Thursday, 28 February 2013

MaliQuest: A Dungeon Companion - Update 0.3

Good evening friends!

As promised I now bring you the 0.3 update to the Dungeon Companion:

You'll be pleased to find included a new story titled The Hunter, along with a basic framework for the bulk of the GM Guide.

More can be added to flesh out the GM Guide as required and as always clarification can be provided.

I hope you enjoy these additions and as always I look forward to reading your own contributions.

Stay safe and I'll see you breachside.

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

All Quiet on the New Fairbank Front

Good Thursday everyone!

Well it has certainly been a while since my last post. And here's why:

You see this week I've been away from work on a week's leave. But more than that, my little Moo has been having a great time from Tuesday onwards at her granny's home.

What does that mean for your good friend Dr Loxley?

Well it means that I've been having late nights, long lie ins and playing lots of WoW.

With all this in mind, I must apologise as it means I have not been fulfilling my promise of working on the dungeon companion.


But! Rest assured friends, I've got a new story sent in from a friend and this morning will work on another chapter of the GM Guide (or depending on how it goes maybe even try and get the whole thing done).

Anyway, depending on how today goes, you'll probably find another post from me later where I give you the updated copy, but for now please excuse me while I lay back and enjoy my well deserved bath.

As always, stay safe and I'll see you breachside.

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

Friday, 22 February 2013

MaliQuest: A Dungeon Companion - Update 1

Good Friday friends!

First let me just celebrate as the end of the week is here and in less than 10 hours I'll be on holiday!


Anyway, now that is out of my system, I'm happy to present you with the updated copy of MaliQuest: A Dungeon Companion -

One of the first things you'll see that's different is the front cover.

I have done away with the rather ugly combination of the photo background (can anywhere guess where this is by the way?) and dark red, and kept it purely monotone.

The rest you'll have to see for yourself.

As an FYI, I'll probably be doing more work on this over the weekend, but work will not officially begin until next Tuesday onwards when my Mini Moo is going to spend just under a week with her Granny and the wife and I will be having the house to ourselves (and cats).

Depending on what you guys want, I can post my updated copies every time I've done something so you always have the most up to date copy, or I can instead post it say - semi regularly, maybe once a week until its complete, whatever you'd prefer.

Anyway, I'm going to kick back, relax and enjoy the rest of my day, over the next week you should expect the GM Guide to be completed (there is one Chapter which is -nearly- complete already in today's update) and from there it's just adding fluff and stuffing.

After that, who knows? I might get started on Dr Loxley's Monster Manual chapter (this will feature in between the Rules and the GM Guide).

Anywho, stay safe and I'll see you breachside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

Thursday, 21 February 2013

MaliQuest: A Dungeon Companion WIP

Good Thursday everyone!

As I promised last night, I've been working on porting the two stories I have plus the rulebook into the Companion.

Before I put up the link however, a quick warning:
The front cover is a MASSIVE Work In Progress, as is everything within.

Everything you read inside is subject to change, and the GM Guide is pretty much empty, but I have included A Song for Sissy inside that as it features an example boss. Eventually that will be included with the guide's chapter "Example Bosses", and I hope that each boss will also feature short stories (which reminds me, I need to complete the rules on Daisy Haynes).

Also you'll see that there are a few notes scattered around by the great Dr Loxley himself. These are not by me as such, but more my 'living in New Fairbank' alter ego. I hope to work on these and feature more of them as time goes on, especially in the GM Guide. Most of them are just a bit of fun to add flare to the book.

Also the pictures, most of these are WIP themselves and certain ones like the sketch spider (which is actually the Steampunk Arachnid from the loot card with a 'sketch' filter applied to it) needs it's blending fixed.

Anyway, that's enough blathering from me: I hereby present you with v0.1 of
MaliQuest: A Dungeon Companion

Stay safe friends, and I'll see you breachside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

More to come!

Good evening everyone!

With hope by now you have read the tremendous short story written for the MaliQuest Companion: A Song for Sissy

Well I just wanted to let you know that there is so much more to come!

I know, I know, writing two posts in one day is not typical for blogging behaviour, but I think we can all agree I'm not your typical blogger.

The thing is, I've found my spark again!

I'm super psyched about getting the Companion underway, and I even took a sneaky peak online at .pdf publishing to see how much it would cost me to get a hard copy printed and presented into my own hands (there will be more on this in the months to come, but let's just say, I'm going to have to ask for Wyrd's permission before doing anything like that, as technically it will be a breach of copyright, even if I don't make a profit from it).

And so we come on to tonight's plan!

You see as well as working on editing the sketch of Sissy (my hope is to migrate it onto a clear-backed .gif so it looks drawn onto the page. I just don't want to have to lasso tool the whole thing, that stuff takes hours) I'll also be looking to format my Welcome to New Fairbank story and the MaliQuest Rulebook into a suitable format for the Companion.

I'll do my best to put whatever I come up with online tonight, and will report on it tomorrow morning.

So for those who may have been worrying if my heart is no longer in this? You can rest assured, it most certainly is!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

MaliQuest: A Song for Sissy!

Good Wednesday everyone!

You know, It's amazing just how much better feeling healthier can make you feel.

Today is the first time for the past week(ish) that I've woken up without feeling like I want to die because of my cold.

No, today is going to be a good day!


What better way of starting off the good day than with the first fluff submission I have received for the Dungeon Companion?

I hereby present you with:

A Song for Sissy

Sissy Ruisseau sighed as she laid on her bed in the small room she had acquired in the inn in New Fairbank. The Last Light Tavern took in many strays and offered them a home for a time. It had taken most of her earnings to hold the room for a week, a room away from prospectors and mercenaries where she could have some peace and quiet after a long journey into the Breach. Lying on her belly, feet swinging in the air above her frill covered back side; she looked at the aging piece of paper in her hands. On it, the person she dreamed of being smiled back at her with a wink, top hat in one hand and a deck of cards in the other.

“Oh Colette… How did you do it?!” She sighed a melodramatic sigh. The piece of paper spoke of The Amazing Colette DuBois and the Star Theatre. Come one, come all, to the great spectacle! Be astounded! Be Amazed! Have your breath taken away! Every fibre of her being wished she could be on a poster like that. She didn’t even want to be the main attraction. She just wanted to be a Showgirl, not even a Coryphee, just a Showgirl, but her audition hadn’t gone well. She had met Colette. The most beautiful woman she had ever seen had addressed all of the girls wanting to join the company of the Star Theatre. She had shown them tricks; how to make a coin appear from thin air, how to pinpoint exactly which card a person was thinking and more, each one with a showmanship and smile that just made you love her. Sissy had been so awed she had forgotten her own sleight of hand. She had dropped the little trinket she wanted to make move from one hand to the other without the two meeting and the scolding look she had received had meant her heart just wasn’t in her song and dance. Sissy had left the Star Theatre feeling worthless. She couldn’t even bring herself to empty the pockets of a kindly old man who had asked her why she was in tears. Sissy was a pretty thing; people had always told her so, including the kindly old man who just couldn’t let her spend the evening crying and alone. But maybe she just wasn’t pretty or witty or talented enough for Colette Dubois.

Sissy drank the wine the kindly old man he had bought her and had eaten the food he had paid for too. She even listened to his stories, as boring as they were. She even summoned the courage to show him her sleight of hand trick. Of course it worked that time…


Now that is just an extract, want more? Then friends if I could please direct you to the first (almost) complete fluff section of the Dungeon Companion:

All works on this document, including story and character art are the works of my wonderful wife Sarah Paskell, I'm afraid I can only take credit for the formatting (of which I mimicked Wyrd's) and the example in game character.


If I could please give a quick chat about this? Where possible I would like to give players example custom bosses.

In the case of Sissy, she has the base stats of a Showgirl Performer, however has non of the attacks or spells.

What she specialises in is her speed with (+1) Fast, her Spell Enthral and Ability Menagerie.

After reading the story I am sure Enthral makes perfect sense, but Menagerie probably does not. This is where multiple creators can be either a boon or a curse.

When I read the story, I imagined what Sissy would be like as a boss? I saw her dancing around capturing the hearts and minds of all around her, including the little beasties of the Dungeon.

With Menagerie, when she spawns she has a characteristic assigned to her to have Companion with, let's say Nephilim. She is also spawned with some Terror Tots, who up until this moment were perfectly happy enjoying Sissy's performance.

In this instance Sissy is spawned with Companion Nephilim, so after casting Enthral twice to paralyse two of the party, she then uses her third AP to regain Harmless and then sends one of her Companioned Terror Tots to attack the party.

Not the most subtle of example bosses perhaps, but I think she works.

Anyway, I'll leave you to enjoy that, and so from me - stay safe and I'll see you breachside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

That is what happens when your brain gets side tracked!

Good evening everyone!

So I understand that my last few posts may have come across a little - assholey.

Consider this an apology for those posts.

As the title of this post states, that is what happens when your brain gets side tracked.

What with this damnable cold and too much time spent playing a game that I didn't enjoy, my good old fashioned rage took control and out splurged multiple posts that were as black as the void of space.

But wait! Things are not bleak! They are not dead! Far from it!

Why only this afternoon I received my very first fluff and art submission!
- that's right! The very first entry has been received and is currently being formatted for use with the Dungeon Companion.

I'm not at liberty to reveal any more about this yet as we need to wait for the formatting to be complete before you can all bask in this teaser of great things yet to come, but I promise you this is but the start of more to come!

I should probably also note, next week I am off all week from work, and regardless of what it takes I WILL be putting out a V1 of the GM Guide.

Anyway, with hope in the next day or two I should have the next sneak-peak ready, so watch this space!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

No News Is Not Always Good News

Good *cough, splutter, cough* Tuesday everyone *sneeze*

So it's been weeks since I announced that I would be starting work on my GM Guide, and currently I have a big fat 0 to show for it.

I genuinely was going to work on it this weekend, then I came down with lurgy.

So yeah, there's not much I can really say about that.

Still looking for some fluff and art for the MaliQuest companion. And if any if you guys want to help out in that area it would be a massive boost.
- I don't know if it's because of my cold, but I'm starting to run out if drive to progress this any further. If anyone could give me a boost it would be awesome (yes this kinda is a cry for help, and I'm not ashamed to admit that).

Anyway, I'm sick so I'm going to go back to holding my head and wanting to die while on the train to work.

Stay safe, and I'll see you all breachside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

Monday, 18 February 2013

My Gears Are All Ground

Good Monday everyone!

So not much has come from me recently, this is largely because for the latter half of last week I've been suffering from a cold.

What I have been doing however is playing quite a bit on my computer.

As mentioned before, one of those games is the recently released Dead Space 3.

Now, I'm afraid I have to voice my thoughts on this game along with the generic consensus I've seen for this game.


So the major reaction to this game is that while the combat might feel quite repetitive at times and that the storyline might be a little 'silly' it is still a fantastic game and should be played by everyone who either likes Action games or Dead Space games.

I'd like to call Bull Shit on that!

I'm sorry but this game is a freaking insult to the name Dead Space!

I'm not going to reveal ANY of the plot, but instead make an analogy.

Remember in the film AvP how the team behind it took established fan fluff, tore it to pieces and put it back in a nonsense "aliens living in the arctic" crap? Remember how it shortened the incubation time of a face hugger from hours/days and had chest bursting within 5-15 minutes?

Remember how in the sequel you then had the Predalien who layer eggs in pregnant woman's mouths that somehow managed up in their wombs?

Yeah this is my analogy!

Those films too established cannon, incubation times, the DNA reflex, even basic biology and spun it on it's head until it was sick.

That is what Dead Space 3 does to the lore we were given in the previous two games.

Like I said, no spoilers here, but it felt like whoever designed this game, despite being part of the original development team hasn't actually read any of the lore. Like they had played through the first couple of games and decided to make this game.

It's as if quality control consisted of two questions:

Necromorphs? Check!
Marker(s)? Check!
Right let's ship!

So sure, it has the occasional moment of high octane, by the seat of your pants, OMG OMG I'M GOING TO DIE!! Moments, but they are intermixed with combat sessions that are too drawn out, too formulaic and too boring, and when your not doing that your doing MMO style courier quests and solving puzzles that were not to dissimilar to those from Tomb Raider 2.

Are there good parts of this game?

Yes there are, but that is not the point!


If you bought this game and are currently / have recently enjoyed it, then I'm happy for you. Seriously, you've spent money on something and I would hate to see it gone to waste.

But please do not advertise it as anything other than it actually is.

What it is:
A co-op Gears of War style shooter with clever combat mechanics

What it is not:
A Dead Space game.


You see essentially that is what I have a problem with. If this game was instead titled as a stand alone game that was not tied into the Dead Space storyline, then I would have no problem with it.

But no, this is Dead Space's version of Alien Resurrection, of Predators, or Terminator 3/or Salvation, of Matrix 2&3.

By itself it is fun and enjoyable, but when it's tied to a successful name it just tarnishes what came before.

At least that's what I think...

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

Friday, 15 February 2013

Pulse Rifles, Smartguns and DX10

Good Friday everyone!

I'm going to jump to the point:

Were any of you unconvinced by the frankly outlandish reviews of Aliens: Colonial Marines?

Did you, despite the torrent of reviews claiming 4/10 scores still put your cash down and get your game?

If so then bravo on being brave. I did the same and received some quality officially licensed swag as a result in the form of a statue, a mission dossier print out (it's on a dot matrix print out! So cute!) a very large blueprint of the Sephora, a certificate of USCM boot camp completion and most importantly, official USCM badges!

Now I just need to find a jacket to have them attached to!

But anyway that's not all I want to talk with you today.


Last night against my better judgement (I'm coming down with a cold and could have really done with an early night) I stayed up and played through the Hadley's Hope level.

It was magnificent!

You see this game is one that I believe you get out of it what you put in. So while investigating the site I took my time, checked the corners, the ceilings and the dark shadowy places.

I felt almost humbled to walk the very same halls that those same men and women did back in '86, seeing the sentry guns blinking 04 and 00 ammo counts and the upturned bed from the med lab, complete with table and pinned to wall - shot to hell face hugger.

Then I read about a DX10 unofficial patch.

You see it turns out that the PC version of the game has many features which are part of the game but are not currently enabled, this has been found, corrected and a 'patch' uploaded to the website

So I have it a try, and the differences it made were astronomical! Out of no where there was dust floating in the air and light shafts coming in from where before there was just an open door, even the aliens themselves seem to move better with more fluid animations!


In conclusion, I can't advise you whether to buy this game or not, what with all the reviewers hating it, the blame game that Gearbox seem to be playing (but no mention of Sega refusing to finish publication back in 2009 in order to give more attention to AvP2010 I see) and all the crap that's being flung left right and centre.

What I can say is that I'm really enjoying it, and despite coming down with a cold, I can't seem to pull myself away from this game.


I have my own theories about what happened to this game. I know that in 2009 it was ready to be released, but as I mentioned earlier Sega pulled funding for a final push to release. At the time Sega announced that this was done so that they could release AvP in 2010 which they thought would be more commercially viable and would increase the demand for A:CM.

I play this game now, and it feels like a game from 2009 (when it was supposed to have been released) like FEAR2, like Dragon Age:Origins and like Batman: Arkham Asylum.
In other words it feels like a game that I enjoy playing!

As always, stay safe and I'll see you breachside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Video Games: How to find the balance

Good Wednesday everyone!

It's been a few days since my last post, and for good reason: I've had nothing interesting to post, at least nothing interesting that wont be just one long rant.

But over the past few days I've realised something, when making the "perfect" video game, you have to try and create the right balance between graphics, gameplay, mechanics and fluff.

If one of these factors is out if alignment then it brings the whole thing down.

Let me explain:

Over the weekend I started playing Dead Space 3. Now I LOVED the original and sequel and fully intended on enjoying this.
The Good: the game mechanics are very well implemented, being able to engineer your own weapons is very good and you can tell they've put a lot of work into making the game just as enjoyable in co-op as in single player.

The Bad: the fluff! It's just not there. As I said I loved the first 2, i scoured high and low for all the text and vid logs and have read as much literature as I could about the franchise.

DS3 however feels like the makers didn't do the same (remember that most of the team who made the 3rd game were replacements as most of those responsible for #2 were fired). There are entire sections of Marker & Necromorph lore which has been altered and jammed into this game to make the storyline work.

Conclusion: because I love the original lore so much, I can't invest in this game. The characters don't feel like the same people, the beasties are completely ret-conned and it feels like someone's made another game but stapled Dead Space on the cover.

Next up: Today I started playing Aliens: Colonial Marines.

The Good: The fluff! This game feels like it belongs in the Aliens universe, and the moment I saw the inside of the Sulaco I knew I was in fanboi heaven!

The Bad: Mechanics. This game feels like Left 4 Dead but with Pulse Rifles and Aliens. The ai feels very limited like they are encouraging you to outthink them in rather obvious ways.

Conclusion: The Pulse Rifle feels like a pulse rifle. The USCM feel like Marines and the Aliens feel like Aliens, but it feels to me like the game is designed more for co-op and less for Single Player.

Last but not least is a game I completed last week: DMC Devil May Cry.

The Good: The Fluff and the Mechanics!
Seriously, this game plays like a dream, has very well thought out game mechanics that challenge and reward you while having likeable characters and actually a very good storyline.

The Bad: to a lot of people the language would be excessive and in all fairness the replay value doesn't seem to be there. Plus 'some' levels feel a little annoying more so than anything else.

Conclusion: a freaking fantastic game that I just couldn't put down! Buy it! Now!

And so we come to a final conclusion of them all.
First, who'd have thought it, out of all 3 games the closest I would say that deserves GotY is DMC. Honestly I never expected that.

I don't regret my purchase of A:CM, I am enjoying the game and it is an adrenaline fuelled romp. I just wish I had a partner to play it with.

DS3, still playing, want to complete it, but the soul of the franchise is gone, and if they ever make a DS4, I'll likely pass.

And there we have it.

As always stay safe and I'll see you breachside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

Thursday, 7 February 2013

The Adventures of Geek Dad: My Patience, Your Judgement

Good Thursday everyone!

That's right, the end is in sight.

You know, my wife's boss made a joke to her the other day which will set the tone of today's Geek Dad post:

Wife: So when did your daughter enter the "Terrible Twos"?

Boss: It started just after she turned one, after that she became a teenager!

Yup, it seems at just prior to 15 months old, my Moo has started acting like a terrible two year old, and I must say - it is an extremely unusual experience.

In her case, her "stropps" and "tantrums" seem to stem from wanting to go somewhere, play with something or do something and we stop her (for safety etc, like not playing with electricity or climbing to the highest point of the room and falling off, that sort of thing).

She goes from being the sweetest, most adorable little darling into a shouty, tear filled toddler - who I must say, depending on your patience, can be really funny.

What does not help however is the reactions of strangers.

So last weekend we tried letting her walk with us when we did our weekly shopping, she wanted to walk up the shop's escalator (which in all fairness is probably quite a strange thing to a 15 month old), but for her own safety, and our time I had to stop her.

On cue she flips onto her bum, out go the arms, out come the tears and she starts crying.

Now I've seen children do this all the time, my reaction is to either chuckle at how pathetic the kids sound or feel sorry for the parents.

What happened to us however was the other shoppers all seemed to stop and stare, their inappropriate judgement clear.

Now this didn't bother me, I'm used to people judging or disapproving of what I do, and frankly there are so many parents out there who I would brand as 'bad', I'm not going to give two hoots if they think bad of I raise my daughter.

But this did bother my wife, it vastly upset her, largely because they were staring at her, not me or the screaming kid, but my wife.

Were they questioning why she wasn't looking after my Moo? Why she was clearly inadequate because a 'man' was playing with his daughter and trying to find a compromise between stopping her crying, and giving in to what she (dangerously) wants?

Honestly, I don't know why they appeared to pass judgement on her and not me, but I look forward to going for another walk with the moo, and if others want to pass judgement on her and me? Well damn their eyes!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Work vs Play: Boundries

Good Wednesday everyone!

I've been thinking a lot today about some passing comments I've received since I started Henching, and again since I started working on MaliQuest:

Game Design/Promotion as a Job

Now before I move on with this, let me tell you, this is not an attempt to garner attention or praise, neither am I looking to self deprecate.
- No, instead I'm looking to free associate the possibilities.


It is interesting you see, when I first started running my MaliDAZE events, a lot of people told me that I should do that for a living, that my enthusiasm for what I enjoy is infectious and while I can't sell sand to the Sand People, I can certainly make them consider it.

I won't lie, I did consider it. I imagined my days spent either going to different venues and promoting product (like a PR dude) or working in a shop paid to drum up sales by driving attention and enthusiasm for a product to a fever pitch.

Then I thought about my family. We're essentially talking retail work here, and could that work really pay it's way? Doubtful.

Then I thought about the long game, in 2 years time when I've been doing that, playing games for 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Would I still enjoy it? Doubtful.


It was then I started work on MaliQuest, people saw the work I did on the cards, the speed I could generate them and the professionalism of their appearance - one guy who even asked if Wyrd had helped make them as they looked legit, and how a few have said that I need to do this for a living: game design.

Now everyone says that they could design a good game, or a better game than the current leader (just look at all the posts on Blizzard's boards whenever they announce anything). And in no way am I saying I could design a better game than anyone else. But I've made a rules supplement that takes an enjoyable game (Malifaux) changes how it is played and keeps it enjoyable (MaliQuest).
Is it more enjoyable or less? I can't say. I think that is for everyone to decide for themselves.

And think about what possible futures this progress could have. Would I work as a designer? If the pay was good, than maybe. But only if I could take you all with me.

I've said since the beginning that MaliQuest is only as successful as the community who play it, and the same applies to the design. I've had some fantastic help from some fantastic people, and so many people haves been an amazing help. I can't count the numbers of you who have made contributions, but I think a special mention should go to the Malifools for promoting for me and allowing me to appear on their show, in particular to Jon for the hours of editing he's done for our to be released Skype game, for David King for the honest, frank and amazingly detailed and encouraging feedback, for Tom for throwing ideas at me that I would have never thought of on my own, and for Sarah for more than I can possibly say - who else would stay up with me until 2am as we talk out the rules sets and what just doesn't work?

So how could I possibly take all of this, claim it for my own and assume I'll be able to produce anything half as good when left to my own devices?


Ok I think I've gone on a bit of a tangent, but I guess that's what happens when you've got a bit of a slow news day.

But in short, would I like to do this for a living? Hells yeah! Is it practicle? Probably not.

Stay safe y'all! I'll be seeing you Breachside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

MaliQuest: GM Handbook

Good Tuesday everyone!

Well, last night was interesting. I finally got hold of a copy of MS Word, which means that the Rules Pack has been updated to v1.4:

I am now in a state where I am actually happy to leave the rules pack for now, and to instead move onto the GM Handbook.


Yes yes I know all of this really should have been done before the January launch, but my aim with the launch was to release what was needed to play, which means playable rules and cards.


Anyway, the aim of the GM Handbook is to make a guidebook which will give GMs an idea on how to run a game/campaign. This will include all the basic info, such as Dungeon size, deciding on objectives, setting traps, selecting monsters that sort of thing.

Once this is done the rules pack, with the GM Handbook and fluff will comprise the Compendium.


On the note of the Compendium, I'm still looking for some artwork. If anyone would like to draw some MaliQuest related images then please send them my way.
- these pictures can be anything really, action scenes, characters, random imagery, whatever you fancy.

Which finally leaves me with one last thing: the front cover. Does anyone have any suggestions on what the Compendium should have as a front cover?
- clearly it should include the logo:

But other than this, I can't say I have anything set in stone.

And on that note I'm going to leave you for the day.

Stay safe, and I'll see you breachside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

Monday, 4 February 2013


Good Monday everyone!

Last night I slept from 10.30 until 07.00, which I think was the earliest I've been to bed in a long while. Still bloody tired though!

But anyway, on my way in today I was having a reminisce, remembering a few things from days gone by, and of course one of those things was who I was.

You see, as a WoW player, I make sure to keep up to date with and at least once a week you'll see some awkward geek who's asking for advice on talking to girls.

Essentially we're talking about geeks who lack confidence, asking other geeks how to deal with that.

Now I can't speak for others, only myself but I find this an interesting concept. I'm guessing that I'm not alone in how my childhood played out:

I was never a confident child, I never really had many friends. I was one of those people who'd cling to one person and that was it.

A large part of that was down to my inability to understand people. Putting myself in their shoes and thinking about what they may think/say of what I was about to say/do never even entered my head.

It's silly really, in today's modern world I'd probably have been diagnosed with Ausberger's.

But eventually I learned that if you pretend to be confident, that if you act a role, one that others find a pleasure to be around, then you're welcomed back. People don't see you as the "awkward geek" or the "strange quiet kid".

Then of course you reach a certain age, start working out who you are, developing the real skills you need to get on by, and before you know if the quiet uncomfortable child you were is long gone and replaced with the adult who has friends who spend time with you by choice, rather than necessity.

But is this the advice that should be given to other awkward geeks trying to talk to girls or make friends?
- Honestly, I don't know. I don't know what would have happened if I hadn't started to pretend to be something I wasn't.

What I do know is that I have a wife and daughter who love me, and I can be myself around them, so by proxy I must be a nice person who's a good (or at least part decent) husband and father.

So this makes me wonder, if my own daughter was going to come to me and ask how to get people to like you, what would I say?

Would I advise staying true to yourself even though most people wouldn't like you until adulthood? Would I advise selling out on who you are to the extent that sometimes you forget who's the real you?

Honestly, I don't know, and that scares me more than anything.

I guess there's only one thing you can do. You can show that you love them, and do your best to be a good parent, make sure they understand that no matter what choices they pick in life, you'll always love them, and just hope for the best.

And let me tell you something, that scares me more than anything else.

Stay safe friends, and I'll see you breachside.

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

Sunday, 3 February 2013

MaliQuest: A Short Story

Good Sunday everyone!

So on Friday I brought you the news of the MaliQuest Compendium, and I also promised an example of some fluff.

Before I get started however I'd like to thank a certain person: David! Doubt you'll read this, and I've already replied to your email, but your comments about the 1.2 Rulebook are fantastic! I'll be making the corrections along with the needed editions over the next few days which I will upload as v1.3.

And now on with my Introduction story, titled: Welcome to New Fairbank.


The floor of the tavern was thick with muck, comprising of all manner of unthinkables, but despite this the stranger paced firmly to the bar.

Pulling his wide brimmed hat down over his eyes he attempted to mask his face as the bar tender approached.

"No need for that stranger" said the bar tender, a slight smirk crossing his face as he dried out a shot glass before slamming it on the bar infront of the stranger and quickly filling it up with cheap whiskey.

"This is the Last Light Tavern, and no one here cares who you are" the bar tender paused for dramatic effect "at least not until you make a name for yourself down the Crypts. Me, call me Frank".

The Last Light Tavern was the only drinking hole in New Fairbank, and Frank Hodges the owner knew it, he could charge a fortune in Scrip and the customers would pay it.

"I'm guessing you'll want the usual introduction then?" Frank queried the stranger "See the white haired coot over there?" Frank asked while pointing at a man sat nursing a glass of water while reading from old dirty paper pages "That's our resident Doc, ain't no one know this town like him".

And with that Frank turned his back and walked away leaving the stranger to contemplate the next move.

With a grunt the stranger acknowledged Frank, turned and paced his way towards the white haired man.

"Pleased to meet you" the white haired man said in a manner too sprightly for his apparent age, his eyes not moving from the pages he was reading, but a hand shooting across the table towards the stranger, but being pulled back before giving the opportunity of a shake. "The name's Loxley, Doctor Loxley, and putting pieces back together is my game!" A smile shot across the Doctor's face, like he was laughing at a joke only he could hear. "People, Artifacts, stories. You name it, I'm interested in it, and somehow I'll put them together. It's why I always get sent the new comers like you, give you an idea of what has come before and what has yet to come" with that the Doctor screwed up his papers, stuffed them into his pocket, and pulled from the chair next to him a large leather bound book.

The stranger took his seat and looked at the Doctor, trying his hardest to make himself as imposing as possible.

"I suppose you call that your 'scary eye'?" The Doctor asked "wait until you're down in the Crypts with beasties all around and no one but yourself and Ol' Betsey for company. Now that's scary".

The Doctor pulled open the pages of the book "now where was I? Oh yes! Here!" The Doctor began to read from the pages, and as he did images filled the stranger's head, images so vibrant they appeared almost real.

"This town wasn't always like this, back when it was first founded after the second breach it was a vibrant Stone mine. Far enough away from Malifaux-Proper that the Guild never bothered anyone, but habitable enough for folks to live."

The images swirled revealing a town very similar to the one he had passed through on his way to the Last Light Tavern.

"The Stones came readily, and with it came Scrip. But the owners of the mine got greedy, the dug and dug and dug"

Again the images changed, showing miners in rows digging in tight dark conditions.

"They say that the miners dug too deep, and that was when they reached the Crypts. They awoke something deep inside".

The images shifted again, revealing a dark shadow with deep red eyes.

"That night the whole town disappeared, the water turned black and our dead started to return as monsters. But that was not the end of our story".

At that moment, the Doctor slammed the tome shut, the images vanished returning back to the tavern around.

"It was a few years later our Sheriff arrived here, he had brought with him a posse and was determined to bring peace to our town. The posse ventured into the Crypts, and none but the Sheriff returned. But with his return he brought news of riches and treasures beyond our wildest dreams".

The Doctor paused for a moment, a look of almost remorse appeared across his face. He continued with his story.

"Ever since, adventurers of all types have flocked to this town to try and earn their fame and fortune. Most people would be unable to keep control of such an unruly lot, especially when every man is out for himself, but not our Sheriff".

The Doctor paused for a moment longer before leaning closer to the stranger. "They say he is no longer human, that when he was in the Crypts he was changed, perhaps he learned the secrets of the Resurrectionists, or maybe a Skinwalker got him. Regardless it doesn't matter. He controls the Black Market to allow the selling of whatever Artifacts are found and always takes his cut, and with that the trail of Scrip flows through the town and everyone is happy".

The stranger looked at the Doctor before smirking "Is that it?" Asked the stranger. "Not quite" replied the Doctor.

"Welcome to New Fairbank".


- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

Friday, 1 February 2013

MaliQuest: The Compendium

Good Friday everyone!

I had an idea today, an idea that I think will rock your socks off:

The MaliQuest Compendium!

By now I am sure those interested have read the rules pack:

But it's not very pretty looking is it?

It's not exactly something that you would show off to your friends.

This is where the compendium comes in!

The plan is to make the rules pack into a "printer friendly" version, while this will be full colour filled with fluff of all sorts.

We'll have creative writing from myself and anyone else who wants to submit some, we'll have artwork and sketches, and even example characters and custom boss ideas!

Think of this as the Malifaux Main Book compared to the Rules Manual: lots of fun stuff to add flavour but you don't need that stuff to play a game.


This is where you guys come in.

Do you enjoy creating art be it pictures or the written word?

I can promise you now that if you send me something that is a serious addition (no drawings of Penises in MSPaint please) then I will find a way if fitting it in.

It may not go into the main compendium, but as Wyrd release their new books every year, I too will be supporting this with expansions (I mean come on! How often do I go on about The Paths of Fate expansion?) and your work WILL feature.

You will also be credited in the book for contributing and so recognition will go where is properly deserved.


This may not sound like the best offer, I'm afraid I can't offer payment as there are no fees charged for this game, but you'll be able to share your work with the world, and that is pretty awesome if you ask me!


Over the weekend or next weekend I'll look into releasing an introduction bit of writing, welcoming new people to New Fairbank (the town that sits above where MaliQuest is set), it will introduce you to fluff characters who you may wish to use and give you a bit more back story to the town.


This is just the beginning!

Stay safe, and I'll see you breachside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley