Sunday, 25 November 2012

Christmas Shopping & an Impromptu Announcement

Good Sunday everyone!

Today is a good day, why? Because I'm not at work.

You see, we had the cleaners in our office yesterday doing their bi-annual deep clean, and as the FacilitiesManager for the site it was my responsibility to ensure it when ahead without a hitch.

Normally however this is a 2 day job, and so I was expecting to have to return today, but they pulled their fingers out and instead got everything done, yay!

As I was in London anyway yesterday, I decided to stop by Oxford St and do a bit of shopping for the wife.

Big mistake!

It seems that AMEX had paid to block off the roads creating a VIP (Very Important Pedestrian) day, which in turn meant the whole street was jam full of people.

But I fought my way to my destination and got Mummy Moo some presents that I hope she will like.

I'm trying to stay on the 'budget' side of things this year, what with Mini Moo sapping us for all we have through day care, our budget is a lot lower than last year, but thanks to Groupon I've managed to find some great stuff at a fraction of the price - including something that usually retails for £150+ for only £20!

As my wife reads this, I'm afraid I can't go into more detail, but I hope she likes these things.


I mentioned in the title that I have a bit of an announcement:

If you have listened to the entire of Malifools Ep 22, you'll have heard a little discussion right at the end between Mike & Jon, now originally we were going to wait before announcing this, so I assume the inclusion of that chat was either an accident or instead cross communication (no one told Mike to cut it).

But anyway it's out there now, and so I think I should make a proper announcement:

The Malifools Broadcasting Network in partnership with New Fairbank News Presents - Skype-Quest!

(Or whatever we're calling it)

Now this was Jon's idea that he shared with me on Monday, and initially I thought it was an alright idea, but then the more I thought about it, the more awesome it has become!

So the idea is that myself as the GM, Mike, Jon and 1 to 2 more players all Skype together and we play through a game of MaliQuest together using a series of Pre-generated grid maps we can all see where each other's models and the npcs are, how far away they are, who's in combat, etc.

And then depending on the length of the hand we possibly splice it up into manageable chunks to feature in episodes in the buildup to the MaliQuest launch in January, or we feature it in one big go.

Now, in order to help you guys follow along at home, all the materials we use, so maps, loot cards etc will all be made available via this blog, so as someone picks up The Kobald's Dildo of Enlightenment +2 (which despite the name is actually a fantastic book of fiction! It's hilarious! you too can see the cards, mark off the player's wounds and essentially play along at home!

So there we go!

I hope you like the sound of this, and any feedback would be great.

A reminder, I am still looking for a proper logo to feature for this game! If you were holding off because you didn't want to waste your time, let me tell you, this is happening!

This game could be big, but it requires help from the community. So help out a fellow gamer, and put some pencil to paper.

Pwetty pwease?

See you breachside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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