Thursday, 15 November 2012

Ooh a girl!

Good evening all,

I'm sorry to say that I join you with an issue. Earlier today I read an article talking about "Geek Girls" and the unnecessary hatred they attract.

The article itself can be found here:

Now personally I feel the need to shed my own light on this topic.

I have to warn you, there is a good chance some of you will disagree with potentially everything I say, but I've never once held back on my opinion, and even if I am completely off the mark, I feel it needs to be said.


There I've said it. That entire article is complete bollocks. It's feminist propaganda designed to encourage outrage and white knighting.

If someone wants to know why Geeks hate Geek-Girls, it's because Geek-Girls are NOT Geeks.

I have many women friends who partake in geek hobbies, when asked what 'social group' they fall under, they reply "Geek". When asked "are you a Geek Girl?" They reply with "no that title is an insult to Geeks".

On my way home today I was discussing this with my wife, someone who is a true geek while also remaining feminine in herself. I would say that she described the issue quite well:

She compared a Geek/Gamer Girl to akin to women who make a point about being attractive, and so they cover themselves in make up so you can no longer see who they really are, compare this to the quietly confident women who use less make up to accent their features, enhancing their beauty in ways the former cant even come close to.

She said that anyone who describes themselves as a Geek/Gamer Girl has a point to prove, these are the type of people who HAVE to go onto forums and the first thing they do is thrust the fact that they have boobs and a V down everyone's throat. They are an embarrassment to real geeks who happen to be female, and make them look bad.

It was then she went on to make a comparison which brought such joy to my ears, when she drew a comparison between that abhorrent behaviour and Felicia Day.

This you see is my issue with all of this.

I've known a plethora of "Geek Girls" in my time, and they all share the same characteristics. Mainly they are shallow sad women, who more than anything crave attention. They do so by flaunting their femininity infront of basement dwelling men so that they'll be drooled over, all the while going to cosplay dressed as Princess Leia in the Gold Bikini and complaining about men hyper sexualising women in SciFi and Fantasy.

For those who have yet to, please watch Chris Metzen's BluzzCon speech "Geek Is" (a link can be found on my previous post here).

This is what being a geek is all about, it's belonging to a community that pays homage to the great works that came before, it's re-enacting the great military minds of human history over a table top, and it's imagining the wonders of technology yet to come.

Every great inventor who ever lived: Geek!

Every great Sci-Fi/Fantasy writer who ever lived: Geek!

Every great medical mind who ever lived: Geek!

Collectively we have created medicine to cure otherwise lethal diseases, we have established that the world is not only round, but revolves around the Sun, we have even created a device with a touch screen, life planner, inbuilt camera and the ability to rant via the Internet!

No other community can claim to have achieved anywhere near as much as the Geeks, and that includes the women.

So I say a big screw you to Geek Girls. You can take your pathetic attempts to garner attention, your points to prove, and discriminatory attitudes and just EFF off!

The rest of us will be fine, the REAL geeks, both men AND women.

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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