Wednesday, 7 November 2012

MaliQuest: Weapon Mods

Good Wednesday everyone!

So last night we covered the basics of weapons, and now I'd like to run you past the idea of Weapon Mods.

Now these are loot cards that along with the weapons are held in the loot deck.

The sort of things we're looking at are very simple:

Lengthened Gun Barrel
+2 Range

Gun Scope
+1 Ranged Cb

Reforged Blade
+1 Melee Cb

Sharpening Stone

Enhanced Sharpening Stone

Big Bullets

You get the idea. Simple mods that increase the basic stats of weapons.

But at the same time, there are more varied types as well.

Silver Bullet Bag
Ranged Mod
Damage Flips against Undead receive +1
(This card would have 10 boxes which are crossed off 1 at a time, representing 10 shots you can use with this mod)

Heavy Blade
Damage flips with this weapon receive +1

Magical Enchantment
This weapon counts as Magical

So you get the idea?


You may have noticed that I mentioned something yesterday that I have yet to cover: Engravings

Engravings are mods that can be used on weapons or armour, and essentially gives the weapon/armour an inbuilt suit:

Engraving of the Ram
Adds RAM to this item.

So what it is added to effects what exactly it does. If you added this to a Peacebringer, then that adds a Ram to the Cb and unlocks auto critical strike.

If you were to add this to a DF slot item (more on that another time) then it would add a Ram to your DF stat.

It initially sounds complicated but it's actually a very simple system.


Of course, an idea I've been toying with is to give usable gear a number of modification slots.

So using the Peacebringer as an example, it starts off using the stats in yesterday's example (but no triggers and 1 Mod Slot) this would be a common loot card.

You can then find an uncommon version with 1 trigger and 1 Mod Slot.

Then we have the rare version. Both triggers, 1 slot.

Finally we have the epic version, both triggers and 2 mod slots.

Each mod slot can only have 1 mod attached to it at any time, but the player can collect as many of these mods in their cache as they want, so they can swop as required, but swopping a mod uses 1AP (or maybe an ALL action).

Now one thing I am thinking about is the possibility of limiting players by a number of slots.

For example, 1 slot for every Stat, 2 weapon slots and maybe 2 Artefact slots (artefacts are fun things, such as 'Inconspicuous Clothes' which gives you the Harmless trait and a trigger to regain the trait).

However I am concerned that adding equipment slots to the player's cards might make things too complicated, so should instead things just stack? What I don't want to see is someone running around with 15xGirdle of +1 DF, I just think that's a little silly and makes counting each stat a bit of a chore. Plus forcing players to have to think about upgrades would add another amount of depth to this.

Clearly I'm talking about the full campaign mode right now, as the lite version will be using official Wyrd cards there's no room for modification there.


Ok that's one hell of a ramble, but I'd very much like to hear your thoughts.

Especially on the last bit, should loot stack or should players have equipment slots on their cards? (Just a quick note however before I go, player cards will be A5, and as the actual weapon and artefact abilities are held on their corresponding cards, this frees up a lot of space).

Anyway, I'm going to let you go now, I'm sure I just mind blasted you for a 50k Crit!

See you all breachside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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