Friday, 9 November 2012

MaliQuest: The Winds of Fate

Good Friday everyone!

Well what a weekend it has been, for those who have been keeping up with my MaliQuest posts, thank you very much, and I'm assuming by the lack of comments that you're all happy with the proposed supplements?

Of course I understand you need to have a real go with the system to judge, which is why I'm getting everything down now, I am also already working on loot cards, so once they are all done I can do a budget print job, shove them into MTG card protectors and give them an initial whirl (maybe hijack the club's copy of HeroQuest and use that board as an initial trial).

So far I have created 1 of each rarity loot card, 1 Common, 1 Uncommon, 1 Rare and 1 Epic.

Eventually most weapons and gear items will have some of each, in theory it'll number 1Epic, 2Rare, 3Uncommon and 4Common. I'm theory with all the common and uncommon cards littering the loot deck, getting the Elite and Rare cards will be a lot less likely.

Of course eventually I'll be unveiling just what these cards will look like, and so far I am VERY happy with them, however for now they are staying hush hush.

In fact they will remain hushed until sometime next week, you see on Tuesday morning while I'm on leave from work I'm booked to appear on the Malifools Podcast (SQUEE!!) I'll be emailing them the prototype cards just prior to the recording, and if I can get a confirmation from them, on the day that recording goes live, I'll be sure to upload these cards then.

BUT! This is not what I'm here to discuss today!

No today is all about The Winds of Fate!

You may remember I mentioned prior about a tarot card mechanic that I couldn't quite figure out? Well here it is!

In short: when a character is created, a face card is selected at random, this is from then on in their wind of fate card.

During any game that follows, if for any reason their Wind of Fate card is used, be it a deck flip or hand placement, the owner of that card can discard any number of cards from their hand and redraw up to their full hand. For every card they discard and redraw they 'may' force another player to do the same.

Do you want to steal the treasure all for yourself maybe playing your Wind card from your hand, discarding your own hand and forcing them to redraw is the answer!

Or maybe the GM has some awesome cards and you just need 1 lucky hit to bring down his Steampunk Leviathan? This could be the chance to do it!

Of course there is a gamble here, you might end up with worse cards, or the GM (if he is your target) may end up with better cards, but then since when have the Winds of Fate ever been fair?

However this also works for hand replenishment. Have you managed to hold off the ravages of 3 Punk Zombies, only to have an almost empty hand and 3headed monstrosity lumber it's way towards you? Throw caution into the Wind of Fate and get yourself a full hand!

I was looking for a mechanic that added a level of random complexity to the game, but did not make the game too complicated.

Of course I should also mention, Wind cards have a special use. You can play them with no requirement. Should you have a Wind card in your hand and you wish to get it out there for either yourself or your team mate to use, you can play it as is. When done the card has no effect other then activating it's Wind effect. This is not always the best option, as they are face cards then this is a little but of a waste, but it allows you to use the mechanic if you so wish.

I should also note, the discard/draw occurs after the current action has resolved.

Ok and that's pretty much it from me this week.

Looking ahead I've got a friend coming over tonight for some Malifaux (first proper game I've played in about 2-3 months) and tomorrow is the Moo's birthday!

I can't believe she'll be 1 year old!

Anyway, take care and I'll see you all breachside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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