Thursday, 22 November 2012

MaliQuest: The Big Card Unveiling

Greetings all!

If you are reading this, then that means my interview with Malifool Jon is uploaded and available via their host: and/or iTunes.

It also means you either have already, or will be soon listening to the sound of my annoying voice! Grats!

Well as promised, to coincide with the release of this episode I am also releasing the full details on the MaliQuest loot system.

For those of you interested, you can grab the initial example cards that I discuss on the show from here:

I will also do mini previews here, so here goes nothing:

First up, we have Bob the Merc, Bob is your typical character, his stats are left blank as they can change through character creation and you will notice the cogs on the bottom of his card.

Cogs are important in MaliQuest as they cover 'slots'. For every cog you have in a category you can equip 1 item. So currently that's 1 for each body part, 2 weapons and 2 Artifacts. There is room to expand on that further, but not at the moment.

So Bob has been questing for a while, and his first find is an Uncommon Peacebringer

Notice that the background is green, this represents the rarity of the item (grey for Common, green for Uncommon, blue for Rare and Purple/Pink for Epic). You'll also see that just like in Malifaux core rules, this weapon has a stat profile and triggers.

Just like with Bob's card, this too has cogs. For every cog in a loot card you can equip a mod.

So, being happy with his new gun, Bob wants to enhance it further, so reaching into his pockets he pulls out a pouch of silver bullets he picked up earlier:

This mod takes up one weapon cog, and as you can see from the card itself, it has 10 bullet holes, as each shot is fired, a hole is marked off, once all bullets are spent the mod is discarded.

Other mods have different durations, and many do not expire at all.

Well, equipped with his Uncommon Peacebringer and Silver Bullets, Bob is ready to take down the mindless zombies in the next room, which he does with ease.

Bob finds that the zombies were picking at the body of an adventurer, someone who had come before him but had not been as fortunate as Bob. On his corpse, Bob finds some goggles:

These take up one head cog, give him a boost to his Wp, the Immune to Influence skill and can be further augmented with a single mod.

Wearing these goggles, Bob enters the next room where he is confronted by a Rogue Necromancy, thanks to his goggles he is immune to the Rogue's fear and quickly unloads all remaining Silver Bullets into the beasty killing it.

Strangely enough, on investigation Bob finds that the Rogue was guarding an Artifact:

With this Epic grade artifact, Bob is able to temporarily bury targets, and if he is able to get a Tome Engraving Mod for his equipment, he will be able to turn his enemies into bunnies!

Bob feels like a bad ass, but is he prepared for Killjoy awaiting him in the next room?


Now, in the above looting examples, I mentioned the different grading of gear. Next up, I'd like everyone to download the following link: this contains the different types of rarities available for the Peacebringer.

Initially a deck will contain 4 of every common, 3 uncommon, 2 rare and only 1 epic. This is for each type of weapon/equipment.

Based on this as you can see, obtaining a common weapon is 4 times more likely than the epic variety.


If you have listened to the podcast, you'll have heard me talking about the importance of community interaction, and I meant every word of that. As such please find in the following link all of the currently available templates for MaliQuest:

As you can see from these, they are .pdf files designed in the same way as Ratty's card creator, so by showing/hiding different layers you can specify rarity, factions etc.


And there we have it!

There is more to come soon, but rest assured, using these templates I have created a total of 81 different cards for equipment, weapons, Mods and Artifacts and I have more coming!

So stay safe and I'll see you all breachside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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