Wednesday, 7 November 2012

MaliQuest: Gear & Artefacts

Good evening everyone!

So I was going to wait until tomorrow before posting this, but I decided against it in favour of SQUEE!!

So earlier today we covered Weapon Mods and Engravings, I touched briefly on Gear and Artefacts, and would like to now like to cover the latter in more detail.

So first and foremost, we have Gear loot.

Most of the common varieties I've already covered:

Common Boots of Speed
+1 Cg

Common Helm of Mental Fortitude
+1 WP

Common Gloves of Casting
+1 Ca

Common Girdle of Defence
+1 Df

As with weapons, as they increase in rarity so they gain additional stats, triggers that relate to their stats and mod slots for mods such as

Armour Plating
+1 Armour

Kevlar Lining
+1 Bullet Proof

That sort of thing.

Remember all of these are held together in a single loot deck, so the chances of getting any certain combination in a single game are very rare, but of course in a campaign these will carry over, so your next run on a dungeon may give you the armour mod you really want!


Next up are Artefacts!

These are the fun little tools that give some of the more unusual abilities.

Colette's vanishing act? That's given through The Magician's Hat

Harmless? Why through Inconspicuous Clothes!

Arcane Reservoir? It can only be Rasputina's Tome of Knowledge!

Transposition? That has to be Lilith's Orb of Nephilum Blood.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless! The limits are only based on what abilities would translate to Dungeon Crawling. Take flight for example, not that suitable, Spirit on the other hand? EXTREMELY useful!


In order to make things a little more fun, initially players will be able to select from 1 Artefact and 1 Weapon slot each, or they can cash in their 1 unwanted slot for a 2nd of the other. This allows for players who want to focus on a more Casting character to have that option while gunfighters and beatsticks will also get their options.


And that's pretty much it!

My next few days will be pretty much mind splurges while I think more things through, and I'll also look into getting some test cards drawn up, nothing major, an example character card, a weapon or two, maybe an artefact and some mods/engravings.

I've promised someone an exclusive (more on this later) but once that is done I'll look to post these and you can all have a look and tell me what you think.

Remember, I'm still on the look out for a MaliQuest logo! It could be your picture that this time next year all the cool kids are playing with!

See you all breachside

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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