Friday, 30 November 2012

MaliQuest: My First MQ Adventurer

Good Friday all!

As painful as getting out of bed, getting dressed, sorting out the morning routine and then walking to the train in the literally freezing weather outside was this morning, I'm now on the train and have something to share with you this morning.

I'd like to introduce to you Daisy Haynes, the Corrupted Gunslinger:

This is a character who originally started as a character that I wanted to play as myself in MaliQuest, but has since turned into a boss who will feature in the upcoming SkypeQuest game with members of the Malifools.

And for some narrative:
Daisy was just a regular fortune seeker when she arrived in New Fairbank in seek of relics and fame.

Together with a party of adventurers Daisy ventured into the crypts below town. Daisy thought that nothing hidden away from daylight could possibly harm her, not the undead that rose from the shadows or the Neverborn that hungered for her blood.

After many of hours spent in the encroaching dark she stumbled on a brightly glowing crystal, long tendrils of brilliant light piercing the very darkness itself.

The crystal itself was being tightly gripped by a long dead corpse, it appeared in the form of a humanoid creature, but misshapen with fossilised tentacles and claws where human hands should be.

Grasping with the corpse, she pried the crystal free and held it in her hand, a wicked smile on her face, a smile that lasted until the crystal shone as bright as the Earthside sun.

Daisy's skin around where she held the crystal began to blister, before twisting and moving of it's own accord, the pain was unimaginable and Daisy fell to the floor screaming in agony.

Daisy Haynes was never heard from again, neither was the party she had travelled with.

There is a rumour however of a monster, a creature who wears the face of a woman that lives under the surface of New Fairbank. It is said that this creature can twist it's form at will and create weapons out of flesh and bone.

There are story tellers who still talk of Daisy Haynes and of the perils of New Fairbank's dark crypts. Some say it was the mysterious crystal she found that turned her into the monster she is today, others say she was a monster already, the crystal only giving form to what she was inside, that the very darkness of the crypts turned her against her fellow adventurers.

Whatever the reason, Daisy is long gone, and should you go exploring into the shadows of the below, beware the what you may find there. For in time you may find, the monster is you.

Stay safe everyone, see you breachside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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