Wednesday, 5 December 2012

MaliQuest: Character Cards - Factions

Good Wednesday all!

With only a few more days until my birthday weekend (I turn the youthful 29 years old on Monday) I'm kicking back and having some relaxed days, be it at home or work.

In order to facilitate this, last night I finished* the MaliQuest Character Cards.

*By finished, I mean provisionally, I am allowing for the fact that I may want/need to make changes at some point soon.

So let's get this show on the way:

First up, we have the card everyone is familiar with, the Guild Card.

Closely followed behind the Guild Card is the Arcanist Card.

Resurrectionist's Card

Neverborn Card

And last but not least, Outcast Card.

It was then last night that I realised I had not even touched the Ten Thunder's faction. To them I say "Screw you Ten Thunders!"

Nah not really, I'll probably be making a TT themed deck in the near future full of Pan Asian weapons and Artifacts, I'll sort it out then.

Anyway, I hope you like, please feel free to print and laminate and give a go!
- well at least do so once the character creation system has been finalised. I'm pretty sure the +3-1 system will work, but need to confirm.

See you all breachside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley


  1. Speaking of character generation, I had an idea when I listened to the Malifools episode about it. Would it be possible to have something like archetypes you could pick from. And then they would allow you to pick various improvements to start the game with. So for instance while most characters might get 3ability points to distribute maybe you pick an archetype and only get one point, but instead get an ability or a trigger or something like that build in. Of course, that does make character generation a lot more complicated and harder to balance but it was the idea I had when listening to it. Given a little more thought I can probably come up with some examples of archetypes if you want?

    1. Thanks!

      This is something I'm looking to introduce as part if the game's first expansion The Paths of Fate, as this will tie factions into the game, and from that a class based system and a series of faction bonuses.

      However this is something that makes the game a lot more complicated, and as such it will be an optional expansion introduced only once the core game is up and running.

  2. Makes sense to do it that way. Gets the game off the ground before adding a ton of complication. Will be easier to due with some experience too.