Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry MaliXmas!

Good Monday everyone!

Before I get to the point of today's post, a quick update on things.

So yesterday was my first demo day outside of probation. It was a quiet day with little foot traffic at the store.

Luckily however, David who works there had free time and so I showed him how to play a game, as despite owning a crew and books he had never actually played a game before.

I brought out Lady J and let him use my dreamer crew.

Now I should point out that I had only played with the Dreamer, never against. Despite this it was a thoroughly enjoyable game and facing off against Chompy who thanks to Onslaught managed to pull off 6 consecutive Strikes was thoroughly enjoyable!

It's funny really, I've faced off against lots if strong crews before, but few of them were as enjoyable as vs Chompy.

With hindsight I think it was because of how he plays, even with a super long potential melee reach, and being able to pull back away from harm I still knew how to deal with him.

With careful melee placement I was able to take out the Dreamer, leaving Chompy exposed. Then with Chompy and Teddy running riot in the centre of the board I still knew how to deal with him, and that was card removal.

I had to play at card management, I had to find a way to remove Chompy's control hand and Soul Stones, but at the same time, my own hand was expendable.

Playing Guild, I knew that most of my attacks had a higher Cb compared to Chompy's low Df, so as long as Chompy's hand was gone, then there was a better than average chance that my Cb score would be higher than his Df. Throw in a few additional Crits from Rams and I was able to take down his Wds pretty fast.

Then with only a single model on the table (Austringer) and just enough APs to get into place I was able to grab Claim Jump and win the game.

Thankfully with this game going on we got a little bit of attention from passers by, a lot more then we would have gotten had I been sat there twiddling my thumbs.


Anyway, on that note I'd like to thank all my readers a Merry Christmas from myself and my family.

I hope you have a good festive season and enjoy any time you have off.

I'll probably make a new post in a day or two, but until then; stay safe, and I'll see you all breachside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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