Thursday, 6 December 2012

The Reason I Have An Issue...

Good Thursday all!

Last night I took a break from working on MaliQuest, and as a quick notice, my next working will be on 'on pickup' cards, things like "Bag of Soul Stones" "add X number of Soul Stones to your cache" where X is equal to the rarity (something like Common=1, Uncommon=2 etc).

Anyway, in the absence of anything MaliQuest, I'd like to tell you about a thought I had yesterday while at work and was busy decorating the office's Christmas tree:

Why I have a bug up my arse about the Through The Breach(TTB) Kickstarter

It's strange, every year Wyrd produce many things that despite my fan status, I just don't like. Either it's a sculpt I don't like, or a style if crew, even games like Evil Baby - not that I've played EBO, I just have no interest in playing it.

Whenever I see something I don't like I normally feel the urge to share my dislike, in the same way that I share my liking for something, so saying I'm not happy with the rewards of the TTB Kickstarter for the price is to me the same as saying I don't like the sculpt of Alt Perdita, or how I loved the fluff in book 4.

But something occurred to me, I've been compelled to share my dislike and the reasons for at great length, and I now know the reasons behind this compelling need.

I'm sorry to say, that the reason is because of the general attitude of those who have backed the Kickstarter.

Apologies if you have backed it, and if so, and you believe what I am going to say now is aimed at you, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

The issue is the assumption that as a Wyrd/Malifaux fan I am automatically going to pledge hundreds of dollars into this game.

I'm sorry, but despite loving most of Wyrd's work and adoring Malifaux, what I have seen of TTB makes it appear to be a game that I have no interest in playing, despite really enjoying RPGs.

On top of this, the Wyrd opinion I find slightly insulting, this is based off a comment made by (Eric?) on the main boards in response for value for money. I can't find the post right now, but in short he said that he didn't understand why people were saying they didn't think the Kickstart was good value for money, as stretch goals included on the $125 pledge we are getting stuff at well beyond a 50% discount.

Perhaps reading this you don't see why that is insulting, why I may feel the need to get aggrieved by that comment? Sure, I'm not surprised, my set up to explain this was terrible.

The thing is, I'm sure on a financial level it is good value for money, but from a personal level, I have no interest in nearly everything included in the Kickstart.

Sure I'd like the hardback book (I only buy hardback rule books as I've explained in a previous blog post) and the custom assembled miniatures are very appealing, but that is not enough for me to cough up the money they are asking for and this is including the extra stuff being thrown to us through the stretch goals.

This you see is my issue.

I personally do not feel, out of everything I can walk away with that out of everything I actually want, it's worth $125(+P&P), and throwing 20 fate decks and PDFs at me is not going to change that.

I get it, both Wyrd and the backers are enthusiastic about this, just like I am about MaliQuest. That makes sense to me, and I love seeing a company and it's community so enthused about a product, but not all of us feel like that, and I personally don't appreciate the assumption that we automatically are going to but into this.

I have to bring this back to MaliQuest, you see I would like to think that I have no assumptions at all about this game. It's a game I want to play, and yes I admit, I spam twitter and my blog with info about it, but do I expect anyone to play it? Of course not!

So there we have it.

If your enthusiastic about the TTB Kickstart I am genuinely happy for you, but please, when I state that in my opinion it is not good value for money or something I want to buy into, don't react like I've just said that Up is Down.

Stay safe and I'll see you breachside.

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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