Tuesday, 18 December 2012

MaliQuest: Time for a Re-Record

Good Tuesday everyone!

It's been a few days since I've posted, and that is largely due to me being off work last Friday and Monday, not bad, a 4 day weekend!

But just what has been going on? And just what is coming?

Well yesterday I spent a large amount of the day chasing one of my cats around while he tried to anxiously pee all over my stuff. You see we've recently moved some furniture around the kitchen, and my daughter is now almost exclusively walking, this is apparently too stressful for my delicate cat...

... I know, what a stupid animal!

But on Sunday evening Malifool Jon and I did a recording. It 'should' be the first of a few little recordings that me and the Malifools are doing and should act as a nice gap between now and the 'release' of MaliQuest. It should also fill the gap between their Xmas episode and their first 2013 episode.

But things are not all rosey and grand, you see when you finally hear the recording we did on Sunday, a large chunk of it will actually have been made on Thursday/Friday.

You see last Sunday the recording was all about how a starting character is MaliQuest is made, but less than 12 hours after the recording, I have had to change two of the starting cards, meaning a good 10-15 minutes of the chat is now completely irrelevant!

The good thing about it however, I am really glad to see the process working. You see one of the problems I am having while working on MaliQuest is that I am finding myself stuck within my one viewpoint and quite often the larger picture is something I am oblivious to. It's much like Zimbardo's infamous prison experiment. It takes someone outside of my head to look at what I've done and to say "that doesn't make any sense!"

Coming up however! Tomorrow we have SkypeQuest! Yup, me, Jon and Mike, and my two friends from outside of the twitter Malifaux world Tom and Vicky will be meeting up on Skype, and playing through 4 levels of a MaliQuest dungeon.

Obviously this is something I am anxious of, I want it to be a big success, but am concerned that it will suck ass. But I know what I'm like, and I am sure it will go fine.

Anywho, for those who didn't know, this time next week will be Christmas Day including some pretty awesome films on TV! And shortly after that will be New Years, and following on from that will be the one year anniversary of New Fairbank News!

For those interested/curious, yes I am planning on tying the 1 year anniversary into the MaliQuest launch.

Think of it as an anniversary present from me to you!

Anyway, time is drawing on and my train is nearing it's destinations.

So stay safe and I'll see you all breachside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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