Sunday, 27 January 2013

A Very Possible Henching Hiatus

Good Sunday everyone!

I am back from my demo and gearing down for the night before work tomorrow.

Today has been an interesting day, gave a few demos to some people and during my lunch break even played a game of MaliQuest!

- You see, as Wyrd have only given me permission to promote this game within my own time, today seemed the opportune time to do that. I had myself a 30 min lunch, and as we're only allowed to claim for time spent running demos, my lunch break is off the clock and therefore I'm able to promote my game (I just can't claim Stones for it and have to make sure the players realise that it is not a Wyrd funded game).

The game went very well I must say. The player seemed to enjoy himself, and I got to throw a number of things in his way including Belles, Nephilum and Lord Chompy Bits.

We were supposed to be playing an Action game, which for those of you who don't know is MaliQuest without the loot/character progression, however as the player wanted to see more of what I had been working on, I factored in some loot cards.

One lesson learned was that as the Dungeon Rise set has tiles, the players naturally are pulled into wanting to use them, whether they are supposed to or not. For this reason it was suggested that we might as well just use the squares rather than tape measure.
The issue of diagonals was raised by me, to which it was suggested to make them 1.5". I was later told that this guy had played a lot of Descent before, and with hindsight I can see that he does indeed know what he's talking about.


I've also come to a decision, I'm going to go on a Henchman Hiatus for a couple of months. Nothing major, just not running events.
This is to allow me to focus on getting my exam sorted and also mean that I can spend the time I would be Henching hosting MaliQuest events.


On the subject of MaliQuest, two little things:

1). I'm looking to host two Adventure Days. The first will be at the shop, and with hope between myself and the store's contacts we'll be able to get together a nice party to play through a proper lengthy adventure. The second will be at the club, and it is my hope that my first adventure day grabs the imaginations of the players and encourages them to join in on this day and maybe even become club members.

2). If you've heard any of my chats on the Malifools, you'll know that I'm open to calling the role of GM something different. After a quick Twitter call out, we've got a few suggestions; Governor General (GG), Governor's Proxy (GP) or Sheriff. The last one was my suggestion because I have a badge already:

I'd live to hear any suggestions you may have or which of these are your favourite.

- Answers either in comments, via twitter (@doctorloxley) or via email (

Anyway, on that note I'll be leaving you. Stay safe and I'll see you breachside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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