Monday, 28 January 2013

Forward Looking

Good Monday everyone!

So last night I did my weekend recap, which of course is normally what I would save for the Monday - oh well!

Instead I have for you a forward looking post. Nothing ground breaking, just plans for the forth coming week (or two).


So first and foremost, it needs to be said that today I am attending what is to me an EXTREMELY important meeting. It's where all the senior manages from each region at the company I work at turn up at the central HQ and discuss what has been going on. The people who attend this meeting are some of the most important and influential people in the entire company. My manager was meant to go, being the head of finance for my area, because of other reasons however he can't make it and has asked me to go in his stead.

Now for most people this probably isn't a big thing, it's just a meeting where I report back on my area and take note of what others are doing. It happens every few months and the others attending it will see it as very routine. But to me it's the first step towards greater goals.
- You see, I'm looking to progress in this field, and a lot of these people I've worked with before many years ago, they've moved on to better positions and the last they saw of me was a guy who processed the payroll. I need to show them that I can stand shoulder to shoulder with them at every stage and make sure I'm remembered for all the right reasons, so when a certain position becomes available in a year or two, I'm taken seriously when I apply for it.

Next up I should be doing more work on my terrain entry for the Malifools contest. Currently I have base coated it with spray paint:

This needs drybrushing highlights and the well and tentacles need to be painted. But as you can see it's coming along.


There's my studying of course. I'm still struggling to find out where I went wrong with my last exam and the course providers are flat out refusing to tell me what I did wrong.

On Thursday I sent a very angry and forceful email out regarding this, and I have yet to have a reply.

Today when I get a moment I'm going to contact their appeals department and see if I can get the result appealed. I doubt anything will happen, but if it gets me a step closer to understand just what I did wrong then that's a good thing. I can't just throw another £50 at another exam (that's how much each exam costs for a single sitting) without knowing that I've fixed the problems from last time.


Of course there's tomorrow! Now who can tell me what's special about tomorrow? Why yes, it's the one year anniversary of this very blog!

To celebrate this special day I've got a very very special treat for everyone. I'm not going to say what here, but for those who're attentive you'll already know what this is.

And of course there's other bits and pieces too. I'm still on WoW, currently progressing through the Shado-Pan rep so I can get some pretty mounts, while also doing the Dominance Offensive, and I must say, hats off to Blizz, managing to find a way of telling a story through daily quests is a great thing! I actually look forward to doing the next part.

I'm also playing through DMC:Devil May Cry which was released on console a few weeks ago and on PC last week. It's freaking AWESOME!


Anyway, that's it from me for now, so please, stay safe and I'll see you breachside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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