Tuesday, 22 January 2013

What Lurks Below: Part One

Good Tuesday everyone!

So last night was very interesting, I watched Dredd (very good film, even though very little happens) and got started on assembling my terrain entry for the Malifools terrain contest.

As you can see from the 'before' picture, my components were a hardboard base, a toilet roll, milliput and a toy octopus.

After cutting the toilet roll to the required size, and making it a smaller circle, I then proceeded to cover it in mixed milliput (this stuff is only about £2.60 a pack, so you can use it on large projects like this without breaking the bank). Once smothered I then carved stones into the putty and stuck to the hardboard base.

Next was cutting off the tentacles of the octopus. This was truly a shame as the model was awesome, so I may need to buy another after pay day.

Gluing these down, stage one was done. Seamus is included just for scale purposes:

The plan is to continue work on this tonight, by using wallpaper paste mixed with water, and smothered over newspaper I'm going to make a series of smallish boulders which I will put onto the base, then make a small path by gluing on model railway basalt, which is quite fine and uniform, wonderful for making pathways.
After that is done the next stage will be to cover it in watered down PVA glue, followed by a heavy sprinkling of cat litter.

I will then use the remainder of the watered down pva spread over the top of the cat litter, this covers the whole thing in the gluey gunk and in doing so sticks the cat litter down quite well.

Once done it's on to painting!

Anyway, today, despite my wishes I made it to the train station (there is SO much ice out!) and am on my way to work.

Stay safe and I'll see you all Breachside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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