Thursday, 31 January 2013

What Lurks Beneath: Final

Good Thursday everyone!

Well it looks like this is a week of reminiscing and completing things. Earlier this week it was MaliQuest, now it's my terrain entrant for the Malifools contest.

I am proud to bring you: The Newfairbank Beast!

Here you have ol' beasty being investigated by Dead Justice and her crew of rotters.

I realise now when I sit it next to my other terrain that it appears the base coat spray paint I used was lighter than I used on my other bits. It was a can I bought months ago when my previous one ran out. I thought it was the same colour, but obviously not.

Here we have Perdita giving a bit of scale to the item. As you can see it's not exactly small, but not large either.

A better view on a little bit of detail I added. This is the remains of a previous meal the Newfairbank Beast had eaten.

Last is a full shot with nothing in the way.

Perhaps compared to my previous terrain project of Chapel Hill this was a lot less ambitious with far less detail, but I had one goal in mind:
- I was making this for a contest, but I wanted something that I would be happy with using in an every day game of Malifaux, so even if I didn't win (and as I said yesterday, there is still competition, so the odds are stacked against me) then I still get to walk away with a terrain item that I can use and enjoy. Much better to do that than instead make an item that is both awesome, but something I would never use in a normal game.


Right where was I? Apologies I just received a DM over Twitter that threw my attention all over the place and needed my attention (you nub Jon!) but it's all good and fixed now.

Oh yes, signing off!


Well there we have it! I hope you enjoyed watching the progress of this project, and that I've convinced those of you who were dubious that you can make nice looking terrain for a fraction of the price from a shop!

And on that note, stay safe and I'll see you all breachside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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