Thursday, 24 January 2013

What Lurks Below: Part 2

Good Thursday everyone, so as I write and my train is just not moving, it's time to update on how my terrain project for the Malifools contest is going.

So where I left off, I had finished sculpting the well:

My next step was to build boulders and the base itself, this would be done with newspaper, wallpaper paste and of course, cat litter.

The boulders were built by taking newspaper and scrunching it up into balls, then tearing off strips of newspaper, smearing it in paste and wrapping it around the balls.

- Now I need to say, in the past I have done it by covering the internal paper in paste as well, but this takes a lot longer to dry. If you can keep the core dry, then the whole thing dries so much faster.

Once that was done I realised I had a load of paste left over, and so I experimented using this for the base over PVA.

So smearing this over the hardboard base, I then poured the cat litter over the top, picked it up and gently patted the excess off.

- Note: always do this over a newspaper, that way you can pick it up afterwards and poor it back into the container and not waste your materials.

This left me with the following:

My next stage which I hope to do tonight is to make my watered down PVA solution and covering the base in it. This will help bind the cat litter to it.

I'll then stick down some putty bones I made, wait for it to dry out again and then on with the painting!

I will update you all in due course, but for now, stay safe and I'll see you breachside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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