Friday, 11 January 2013

MaliQuest: Update 1.2 Complete

Good Friday everyone, I'm sure after the two weeks of Bank Holidays everyone can agree with me: being back for a full week is tiring.

But anyway, last night after studying for my upcoming exam I then proceeded to update my card packs.

Very little has changed other than adding my 'new' cards into them and providing one sheet of 'backs' with each pack:

Character Sheets (Now including Ten Thunder colours)
Starter Gear
On Pickup

These updates, combined with yesterday's Rules update means we are nearly there.

My next project in regards to this is to work on creating a page in my blog designated just for MaliQuest.

Eventually I would like to have an actual website in itself for this, but obviously it has to be at 0 cost to myself, as I'm not charging a penny for any if this. So no paying for web names or hosting for me - however if anyone has available space etc they would be willing to donate about 120mb to (seriously, that's how much all the .PDFs come to at the moment) then I would gladly take up the offer.

But in the meantime I'll be working on the blog page.

Then in 11 days time, with hope it should blossom and bloom ready to go.

What do I need from you? Well I'm glad you asked!

If you have not already, please have a look through yesterday's rules pack:
And tell me if a). It all makes sense, and b). There is anything that leaves you unsure and/or confused.

As I said before, if after reading this you feel like you could GM/Play a game of MaliQuest, then in theory I've done my job. If not then tell me why and I'll make those amendments.

We have under 2 weeks before the go live date, but I'm confident we can reach it!

In the meantime, stay safe and I'll see you all Breachside!

- Your friendly neighbourhood Doctor Loxley

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